No Monkey Island for Mac in GoG... :(

I was thinking of this one:

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I’m sorry if this seems silly to some, but I need help with this talkie edition thing. It says something about “monkey1.pak,” but I can’t find such file.

I have The Secret Of Monkey Island installed in ScummVM. I do not know where I got it (it was a while ago), but probably from some site of ill repute. (I know, I know, for shame! :frowning:)*

I have ScummVM in my Mac with Monkey Island and it runs well, and I have Parallels to run Windows 2000 for the talkie conversion.

Can someone provide some assistance, please?


* I have attempted to atone for my sin by purchasing all the Monkey Island versions from GoG, even though I can’t run them on my Mac.

OK, I figured out what happened: I had the original game, not the Special Edition installed. I installed it and ran the converter.

I am not sure what this means, though:

  • Optionally, if you prefer having the SE’s extended environment tracks in the main game folder, so they will play in every music mode, run extended_SE_tracks_to_game_folder.bat

Should I run that too?

Success! Wow! A talkie game from early LucasFilms circa 1990! Just like we wished we had back then. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :+1: