MI Special Editions - don't work on Mac OS?

I already have them on PS3 and IOS of course but TWP made me look to get them on my MacBook. Bought them on Steam and then they wouldn’t install.

I just assumed they would work because I have Fate of Atlantis on Steam on my Mac. Hey ho, I don’t mind paying the money but it’s a shame these aren’t ported to Mac I reckon and it just seems strange.

When you go in the store and search for monkey island, and those 2 games are listed;
they have a little windows icon under the title, but no linux or mac icon.

So they are just for windows. I agree that on their respective store page it could be listed more explicit also.

I think you can setup Steam to only show you games that is supported on Mac. But I don’t remember how.

I know almost nothing about Apple computers and I was curious to know if a game like the remakes of MI/MI2 can run on these computers under a Windows emulator or if these games are too much resource-demanding to be emulated in an acceptable way.

Newer Apple computers have Intel processors on them, and can run Windows natively, if someone wanted to dual-boot. As for “emulation”, WINE has been used with quite a bit of success on Linux. There seems to be an Apple version of WINE, so that allow it to work, though it looks like installing WINE is a pretty involved process.

DISCLAIMER: As the very name of the program itself is all too happy to remind you, WINE Is Not an Emulator.

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Almost any game won’t run inside a virtual machine featuring windows. The easiest and most performing solution is to install windows in a small partition of the drive, and boot with windows if needed.

It depends on your definition of “won’t run”. Most older games are normally playable on Windows in a VM. The VM overhead on modern HW decreases every year.

You can actually get MI1 remastered in the App Store. But I am having trouble with it. It runs fine on El Capitan but crashes on Sierra.
I’ve tried to extract the scumm files to run it through my own ScummVM but can’t find a program that will unpack the game files that come with the application I bought.

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Is it using the same Monkey1.pak file as the other SE versions?
Then you can use Monkey Island Explorer to extract files which should run fine with Wine.

Alternatively you can create Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Editions (both 1 and 2) from those Special Editions, but you’ll need a Windows installation to make those.
Afterwards you can play those anywhere using ScummVM or even DOS(Box).

Thanks for the hints Nor. I was hoping to not have to go to all that trouble but may have to if I want to finish the game.