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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade EGA version?

Is the EGA version of this game still available somewhere? GOG etc. seem to only offer the VGA version.

After playing the original EGA versions of Loom and The Secret of Monkey Island, I noticed that the graphics there are just amazing and have a very different mood than the later, more colorful conversions.

Now I would like to check out Indy in its original conception, after only playing the “better” VGA version of it in more recent replays. :slight_smile:

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It’s sad they only sell the VGA versions. And it’s sad they sometimes sell the ScummVM version without the .exe Because (I don’t know if they did that with Lucasfilm/arts games) usually the exe would let you play the EGA version of the VGA version with the “e” option.

The only way for playing Indy3 in EGA is the same you followed for MI and Loom in EGA :wink:

Interesting! I’ll need to try that in DOSbox

I tried Indy3 but it had not that option. Indy4 has it and in my opinion looks better than the VGA. But that’s me. Loom and Monkey 1 and 2 also had that option.

I tried, but I couldn’t find it that way either. :cry:

Yes, a lack of being able to play the original in an emulator is a more common issue on GOG unfortunately.

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for MI2 and Indy4, those are not really EGA versions, rather a way to run the VGA version using an EGA pallette (and lower res perhaps)


Mmm… I wonder… I do have the Amiga version of the game (no Amiga though). If I can get my old PC to boot again, I might transfer the disk files and run them under ScummVM

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I also have the Amiga version, in an original box even. :slight_smile:

A copy of the Amiga version seems to be easy to find online though, although not through officially distributors.

The EGA PC version is much harder to find. The only version of it that I discovered so far is in Spanish (which I don’t speak).

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or just take a shortcut and download the ADF

For the DOS version:
It might not look like it from the screenshots on one of top hit sites you get when googling it… but it actually IS the EGA version. I hope you have bought the game at least twice in different ways before venturing there of course :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And both also have this great copy protection!!!

Getting those things right in Zak McKracken was just part of the puzzles

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and this nice burn if you fail it…


Less, colors, but not lower resolution. It is the VGA graphics converted to 640x200 in 16 colors with a lot of dithering in real-time, taking some CPU time. Not a big deal on modern computers, but it is usually quite noticeable on the intended platform, which would be an old PC without VGA compatibility, and most likely not a very fast CPU either.

Imho, Monkey Island is the only game worth seeking the EGA version after playing the VGA version. That game has some noteworthy differences affecting the overall style. I like both equally.
But keep in mind, if you’re seeking the Amiga version. Unlike Indy3 the it is not entire based on the EGA version. It is a mix of the EGA actors and converted VGA scenery to 32 colors. Oddly enough, some Amiga versions use accurate EGA colors, while some other versions use the altered palette like in earlier SCUMM games, ie. with brighter pink etc., ie. it is either luminescent Guybrush or sunburn Guybrush. The latter better fits all those night scenes, imho.

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What about Loom? The limited color pallet works really well here.


Definitely Loom too! There is more content in the EGA version compared to the talkie VGA version: close-ups and dialog. The FM towns version is a nice hybrid of both.

Would be nice to have an Ultimate Loom one day too (probably not easy/possible) - just like ultimate talkie MI you did.



This is funny. Back then I only had the EGA versions of both MI and Indy3. I was flabbergasted when I discovered (and bought) the CD version of MI, way after I played MI2. And I was even more astonished when I discovered that actually a VGA version of Indy3 existed but I couldn’t manage to get it until recent times.
Those VGA versions were my forbidden desire, and now it seems that everybody wants the ega versions… :sweat_smile:


The real holy grail of Indy3 (no pun intended) is probably the Macintosh version with it’s crazy Mac style buttons:


Can’t tell if image broken on purpose…

That totally* looks like how it could’ve looked on the C64!!
(Yes, still mad/sad about that)

* only with better brown colors, obviously

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