No Monkey Island for Mac in GoG... :(

I finally got my Mac Pro computer back, and after some basic housekeeping and updating some programs, I decided to start playing The Secret Of Monkey Island again. I went to my GoG library, since I know I bought some time ago, and realized to my dismay that…


I didn’t noticed when I purchased it several months ago, but I am the proud owner of the special edition of Monkey Island 1 & 2, and can’t play them. :frowning:

Does anybody know if there is a version for Mac somewhere else, or if GoG plans to release one soon?

I think I have a DOS image somewhere which I played in ScummVM before but… those copies are sort of… hmmm… in a black-hole of legal anti-matter… :confused:

Perhaps since I bought the GoG versions I am absolved…? I did purchase them, honest. (I also purchased three copies of Thimbleweed Park on top of my backer copy!). Hehehe…


I’ve been moaning about this sporadically for about the last year or so. 1, 2 and SE are on Steam too, but again only for Windows! :sob: Only Tales is there for Mac.

I hear it runs pretty well in ScummVM but acquiring the file involves the same guilt as you’ve referenced there. That does sound quite good grounds for absolution, mind.

Since you own at least one legal copy, I wouldn´t mind using ScummVM. I like the original version even better.

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You should be able to find someone (not Someone) using Windows. Install it there, create the Ultimate Editions, then copy it and play on Mac e.g. using ScummVM.

But maybe I can help. :wink:

There is this little software called WINE:
And the commercial variant Crossover:

With these “emulators” you can run Windows software on a mac (and Linux) without the need to install Windows.

The GOG versions of the Special Editions are reported to work flawlessly with/on WINE and Crossover.

Thanks, @Someone. I’ll take a look at those. I have Parallels for Windows emulation, which serves we rather well for Windows and DOS games so far.


Then you should try that first. :slight_smile:

I saw a play-through video of the Special Edition and I must say that, although the graphics were very pretty, it didn’t look as nice as the original one.

I think you can toggle between the original and new graphics style, IIRC. But then I guess you may as well just get the original.

I did check their database before posting and found both SEs, but I wasn’t sure if I should recommend Wine since I have no idea how well it will actually work.

What I also heard was that those extraction utilities from work on Wine without problems (in case someone wants to extract stuff, e.g. the original versions from those Special Editions and Remastered versions).

Which is the problem: You can’t just get the original unless you buy it via eBay etc.
But you can buy Special Editions / Remastered versions from those LucasArts games and extract the original game from those (…or “find” those “original” games somewhere else).

Also in case of MI1&MI2 having voice is a nice addition and you’d need the SEs to create those.

Oh I see, doh.

Well, honestly speaking, despite I liked the voice of Dominic Armato for The Curse of Monkey Island, to me his playing of the character of Guybrush doesn’t seem to fit to the first two istallments. Maybe he should have used a different tone in MI1 and 2. Guybrush changes so much that I see him as a different character in the third installment, like he is his cousin Dudebrush.

Easy to solve. You can extract the enhanced DOS CD version from the SE.
You can even go a step further and apply my Ultimate Talkie Edition patches. While those patches only work on Windows due to a proprietary codec as well, the resulting game can be played with ScummVM anywhere.

So I can get the old graphics and the voices? That’s awesome! :+1:

Hm, what about changing the pitch of his voice files so it sounds like before puberty vocal change? :slight_smile:

Where have you been!? We are praising LogicDeLuxe’s work since the beginning of this forum! (Or actually since the blog!)

I know! I’m sorry. I see that it also prepares a DOS version. Does that mean that I can use my Windows emulator to create the DOS version and then just run it in DOSBox from my Mac? Or am I aiming too high?


But you can’t use compression (FLAC/OGG) in this case.
Maybe you want to use DOSBox for an even more pure experience but otherwise I’d say ScummVM is better.

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There are only 2 reasons to use the DOS version:
MT-32 music, which ScummVM doesn’t support for Monkey 1, eventhough it was included in the patch I submitted and it was asked for by several people since then.
And the other reason is when playing on an actual DOS machine.

While it can infact be played in DOSbox, ScummVM is highly recommended. You can use the CD tracks or the SE tracks with it, which is not possible in the DOS version.

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OK, thanks for the recommendation. I’ll play in ScummVM then. For some reason I thought DOSBox would be better, but that’s not the case. :slight_smile:


Or during puberty with constantly changing pitch :smiley: