Real talk: WHERE or HOW can I buy Curse of Monkey Island? Legally?

I have Window s 7. Perhaps Escape too. Anyone? Bueller?

You can buy a used copy on Amazon or eBay.
I think it’s time for a Remastered edition.

But will it run? That’s my question, I guess.

On windows 7?
Sure, check the compatibility mode, and set it to XP.

CMI runs on ScummVM perfectly- I’ve gotten it to work that way on Windows 7, 8 & 10.

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It will run much better with ScummVM because you won’t have any compatibility issues depending on your Windows version.
Also if you are playing a non-English version in ScummVM it won’t skip that particular song…

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Actually, Curse will easily run with ScummVM.
Ragarding Escape, things are much more complicated. I tried to run it 5 years ago, and failed. I even read on some forums you needed to modify the exe file with some fan patch, which I downloaded back then, but nothing to do. I haven’t tried with later machines/OSs


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The last time I’ve tried Escape from Monkey Island I couldn’t get it to run perfectly on Windows 7 so I pulled out my old Windows XP workstation which worked great.

BUT in the meantime support for this game has greatly improved in ResidualVM so there shouldn’t be any problems on modern operating systems anymore!

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ScummVM is the first choice for more recent Windows versions. The installer won’t work any more, I guess, but, If I remember correctly, you just need to copy some files from the Curse of MI CDs to a folder on the hard disk and add this folder in ScummVM. That’s it.

I don’t know your preferences, but, in my opinion, Escape wouldn’t be worth it. Maybe it would, if there was a point & click mod, just as the mod for Grim Fandango, in order to play it with the mouse, instead of tank control.

Or this particular song:

Also highly relevant:

I don’t agree. It may be the worst Monkey Island game out there but I my opinion it’s still a great game.

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There is one?? I never finished Grim Fandango because I don’t like how you need to run around. Because of this I never managed to finish Escape, too.

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Yes, there is. The same guy was involved in the development of the Grim Fandango Remastered edition at Double-Fine, in order to provide such a point & click mode there as well. I assume that the Remastered edition has less bugs than this mod has, but I have tested neither of them up to now.

I try to play to EMI last year on my computer with the Windows 7 OS and I use the software from Quick and Easy and it works just fine, no bugs. I just use the Iso from my (french) CD to accelerate the loading.
For the setup :
And the launcher :

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Ha! He seems to have a fascination with the impossible rhyme! :smile:

Since a few weeks, you can get both games on GOG (and Steam too - if that’s your cup of tea)