On which island from Monkey Island would you like to live?

Use the green potion.

Whops, wrong thread.


Good luck with the bar, immerged into water as it is there. :rofl:
@RonGilbert: Was it by any chance planned to have tides there in the game? It looks as if the bar opens its “doors” according to the tides schedule.

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Good question. You can clearly see the sign that there was already meant to be a bar.

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Melee Island. I’m sure it’ll have some condos on it soon, and it has the booming economy. Enough to support freelance pirates wandering the paths, a used-boat dealer, and a circuis!

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You can now fill in the poll above!


I would use googlemaps, compute a gradient analysis of the coasts, review the results and sail to those which have the best bays for a calm and stormy sea without too much sharks, crocodiles and jellyfishes, then I would look at the infrastructure, how the name of the island sounds like, the shape of the stones, how beautiful the women are and stuff, and make my decision based on this data and my gut feeling.