Cool video: Michael Land and Clint Bajakian about iMUSE and LucasArts

LucasArts alumni Clint Bajakian and Michael Land talk about life at LucasArts and the iMUSE music system used in the adventure games.

Interesting anecdotes about George Lucas, music and game development. :slight_smile:

There is also a short walkthrough in Woodtick (MI2) to show how the iMUSE system worked!

(but Clint Bajakian keeps saying that there was a barber in Woodtick)


Remember folks. this comes from the guy who managed to miss the Voodoo Lady in M1.


To my defense I will claim that missing something optional is not serious like remembering non-existent characters.

True, the fact that you weren´t involved in that game´s development would also have been a decent defense.


But maybe at some point there was one planned and that’s what he remembers?
Like having all kind of different iterations of a puzzle during development so that you later forget what was actually in the final game :slight_smile:

Btw.: Woodtick was meant to be larger then what it became.
This is the original sketch from Steve Purcell:

And this is the final version for comparison:


Not by a lot though, right? I only see two more entrances plus that additional ship in the backround.

Still one of those could be a barber, that´s true. :slight_smile:

I would still be surprised that he didn’t remember which characters were removed from the game, but let’s ask Ron.

@RonGilbert : Was there a barber character in Woodtick that was eventually removed in the final version of “LeChuck’s Revenge”?

Yes, I love the original concept art, especially Chan’s creations. :slight_smile:

Interesting how the walkways are barely above sea level, just like regular docks. And they changed it to this insecure looking construction in the final game, which I always though was a hilarious idea.

They had great puzzles planned where you had to play two competing barbers off against each other… :smiley: (j/k)

Yes, the bar looks like it’s already being flooded! (btw. there was already the sign there)

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Seriously though, maybe they eventually replaced the barber with Largo´s toupee (elemeniating the need for a barber to get “something from the head”).


Yes, I prefer the final looking because it doesn’t give me the impression of an organized structure/community.

Wow. :astonished:

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Was the barber named Dominique?

I could tell you that, but first you tell me if you have a cousin named Sven.

I only see one more, on the new ship on the left:


Where is the other additional entrance?

There is an additional ship between Wally´s and the carpenter that has a walkway leading up to it, it´s not quite as clear but I´m pretty sure this would have been the other entrance.

Oh, yes. I thought you were talking about a door.

the carpenter is kind of like a barber for hunks of wood

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No, there was never a barber. Come on, the game was 27+ years ago. Not everyone plays it 3 or 4 times a year. I designed the damn game and I forget stuff. I played MI2 a few years ago with my GF and had to look stuff up online. Give him a break.


And another ship in the distance left of Wally’s, also with a path leading up to it.

As Ron used to say: Cut! Cut! Cut!
They’re all in Super Monkey Island II - arcade edition, though.

I also vaguely remember a barber shop called the Barbery coast involving a toupet puzzle?
Oh… never mind, “it’s for a different game” :smile:

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