Oxenfree for free on Gog.com

You can get the adventure Oxenfree for free on Gog.com for the next 48… ehrm… 46 hours:


Is it a good game?

I haven’t played it myself yet, but it has good reviews/critics.

I’ve been interested in it, but haven’t played it (yet). My teenage daughter, who is also an adventure game fan, really enjoyed it, although her tastes are a bit more directed toward the more narrative-style adventure games. She liked that the dialog choice interface of the game doesn’t fully ‘pause’ the game while you are making a choice, allowing you to intervene or not. At least that’s how she described it (or how I understood it).


It’s… pretty and well polished. But you probably won’t get any satisfaction from solving puzzles. I did enjoy it nevertheless.

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Thanks for the answers. I’m fine with adventure games based more on narrative than puzzles. In the last months I have played several of them and they have been a refreshing alternative to the puzzle-heavy games.

I might give Oxenfree a try.

Oxenfree is a great game! No puzzles to speak of, but if you don’t mind lite gameplay and like story driven games, especially spooky ones, you can’t go wrong with Oxenfree, especially for free.

I reviewed it for Adventure Gamers when it came out: https://adventuregamers.com/articles/view/30018

(No score due to the lack of puzzles, AG doesn’t score games that are narrative-only. But if it had been scored I would have given it four stars.)

Do you think that Adventure Gamers will ever review adventure games like “80 days”, which are exclusively based on narrative, text and choices?

That’s relatively modern now. I know this from Telltale games like The Walking Dead. Witcher 3 used same principle in some dialogues. Though of course it always depend on the game, how much time you actually have for the decision.

To topic, I looked into the game in the past and was unsure. Now that it’s for free, I just get it. Perhaps I’ll find some time playing it during Christmas. As of today I’m still in the process of playing through Wadjet Eyes games, just finished Blackwell series and am enjoying Technobabylon.


They sometimes do, but it partly depends on whether there’s a reviewer available who wants to do it. I can’t remember why they chose not to review 80 Days (I did the PR for that game). They did review some of inkle’s Sorcery games.

(Of course, I can’t review a game I do the PR for, or I would have wanted to review 80 Days myself!)