Gorogoa - worth a try?

The adventure/puzzle game Gorogoa is now on Gog.com. It was mentioned in this forum already, so I would like to know: Is it worth to buy? Is it more like a puzzle game or more like an adventure game (it seems to tell a story)?

It is for sure more about puzzles. Yes, a story is told, but I would say that the strongest element of the game are the unusual puzzles and the beautiful surreal graphics and animations.

I have already purchased and played it yesterday. It’s a bit short (from one to two hours, depending on how good you are with the puzzles) but I was aware of its length and I have a weakness for games that are strong in the art department.

It’s both beautiful and clever; for sure something unique.

I’m not sure if the free demo is still available somewhere, but if you can find it I suggest to play it to get an idea of how the game mechanics work.