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Personal statistics


I have at hand many statistics about any user if I click on their avatars. It appears to be different if I click on my own. I can’t have access to the same statistics. Is it possible to see them in some other way?


On mobile, I usually go to my menu (accessed by my avatar in the top right corner), then click the settings cog, then select ‘summary’ in the dropdown.

Are they the stats you wanted?


Yes! Thank you…

Sometimes I must have some selective scotoma… I clicked everywhere, and didn’t notice “summary”.
If you look for the statistics of a fellow forumer and click on the avatar, it goes on the “summary” page automatically.

Ok, just let me try to see my own stats now…




“Now I can sell them to advertisers!” :smiling_imp:


That’s a good idea… let me see…

Ema: 11d read time - 300 Likes given (#300 was to thank @PiecesOfKate)
tasse-tee: 10d read time - 3.5k Likes given

Ok, I think I’ll try to sell my products to this nice tasse-tee girl.
This Balloon guy doesn’t like anything…


Wait, what?!?! :dizzy_face:


I like that!


So… are you trying to let me believe you don’t have the “self-centered” badge? :grinning:


Please don´t look at mine! :see_no_evil:


I have 4,7k Likes. So maybe you could earn more money if you sell your stuff to me. :wink:


I’ll send you an invitation for the inauguration of my new Chocolate factory I decided to build exactly 1m (according to discourse) ago.


You´ll only sell it to shady video production companies like Brainpool, FloridaTV or DAZN.




'Scuse me, Ema, but I think being self-centred means over-liking yourself, not other people! :smirk:


Ok, two likes for you by myself in a matter of seconds… please, stop it. I’ll spoil my flint heart reputation.


No :blush:


Errr… I’m a married man :see_no_evil: please…


So is sushi and that never stopped HIM…


The difference is, that Sushi is a womanizer.


@milanfahrnholz You whistleblower!

Anyway, my wife is sleeping on the sofa, right now… :thinking: