Physicists say that we actually live in Thimbleweed Park? (spoilers!)

There’s just something that really frightens me about it. It’s something to do with existing, and then suddenly not.

I would.

Well yeah, but I’m working on the basis that if I didn’t die, no one else would either.


Guys, the thought of having to die is always haunting me. Now on TWP Forum too. Darn.


Now, for a more serious post.

Where were we before we were born? We spent an eternity not existing, did it bother us? Did it feel like a lot of time?

I suppose dying is something like that. You don’t even notice. Whenever I think of this, however, I begin to feel fear. I can’t even comprehend the idea of not existing anymore.

I like to think that I might get reincarnated someday. I mean… what am I? Why do I see, hear, feel stuff? It’s because my brain processes the signals, but why do I see things of this body and not things from another body? Why don’t I just work as a machine does, like a self-driving car that uses signals from a webcam to steer but has no conscious “vision” of what the camera receives? Why can’t I, as a conscious entity, be someday get “coupled” with another body, maybe centuries from now?

But my ideal afterlife would be a mix of being a ghost (I’d love to travel the world and see how my children and grandchildren will be doing) and having all the answers. You know, like a book of answers where you can ask “how many liters of coke did I drink in all my life”.


That’s sort of depressing. If I am to live in a simulation, I wouldn’t want it to be a mass-market one run by some random kiddo on their parents quantum computer. Let it be at least something handcrafted, scientific please!

That rings a bell. Though decision still sounds like there could have been multiple outcomes.

I am also well aware how easy it is to manipulate people, so yeah, free will as it is commonly understood might not be a thing :frowning:.

When I say “I”, of course I do not refer to myself as an actual person, but as the simulated “thing” that’s “living” in the theorized computer and is only made to believe that there is a whole universe (and other people) around.

Therefore, the question remains, how detailed is the simulation? Is it just providing the inputs I directly perceive (like a 1st person game I might play), or does it indeed simulate distinguishable agents that believe in their own existence and express their simulated thoughts on virtual simulated forums for other agents to take in? (Dwarf Fortress is perhaps the closest example I can currently think of)

I guess the theories are postulating a very, very complex simulation; in the end, it might be indistinguishable from reality, in which case we aren’t really all the wiser.


Et in Arcadia ego.
(Note how Arcadia resounds of a modern meaning linked to arcades…)

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For me, it’s really the transition that is most frightening. And the fact that I might have to go before @RonGilbert reveals the secret of Monkey Island.


I could have written this very same post.


We are in Kalyug. The end of simulation.