Pixel artwork artists

I love pixel art and especially the Thimbleweed Park landscape was amazing!

Do you know good sources for pixel art?

This is from one of my favorite artists from japan:

Source: http://1041uuu.tumblr.com/


Mark Ferrari(background artist on Thimbleweed park) has some cool (animated!) images.
Check out the links below.




Octavi worked on Thimbleweed Park.


I was already following Octavi’s creations when he joined the Thimbleweed Park team. I was sure that he would have contributed to the game in a spectacular way.

Another pixel artist that I like is Waneella (http://waneella.tumblr.com/):

…and I just love the following drawing by Adrien Soret (https://twitter.com/AdrienSoret/):


I would also recommend Pixel Joint as one of the best sources for pixel art.


You’ll be amazed to discover that the following colorful picture actually uses only four colors:

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I love Amanda Haddad’s work: http://merrigo.tumblr.com/. She has this simple but extremely charming style.


I love pixel art but it scares me the idea of creating those complex backgrounds…
@OctaviNavarro Hi Octavi, your “Art School” is amazing, I really like how you build lights around the little sceneries, those character have a life. That’s why pixel art is so special, because you enjoy every little details.

My favourite in TWP is the Edmund hotel, is just an incredible piece of art, inside and outside! It really deserved a close up! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! :delores:


How long does it take to draw a complex scene like the landscape overlook of Thimbleweed Park?

This is fascinating:

8-bit color cycling

PS! Was going to post and this came up:
“It looks like your link to www.effectgames.com was already posted in the topic by @backpatcher in a reply 12 hours – are you sure you want to post it again?”

So, it must be a classic :grinning:

It is a classic indeed! :slight_smile: The link has been cited also by @backpatcher in the second post of this thread.

Color cycling is for sure a classic example of old-school graphic techniques, when artists had to use brilliant tricks to overcome the limitations of the hardware of those computers. Color cycling was invented by Mark Ferrari, who is also the main background artist for Thimbleweed Park.

If you missed that post, here it is:

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Great stuff, thank you. :slight_smile:

Btw - When did the pixel die? Was it when PS entered the arena? I Still have DP2 on my DosBox. :slight_smile:

DeluxePaint II never really went away. Even today, every user interface of every backup software is still made in DeluxePaint II.


Mark Ferrari is indeed a genius in what he does…

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Absolutely! I grew up using an Amiga and Deluxe Paint. Mark Ferrari has always been a wizard with that paint program and he has mastered color cycling like no other.

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Well, talking about Amiga remembered me of one of my preferred pixel artist of all time: Jim Sachs!

Using Amiga, he had smaller pixels and more colors at his disposal, but many of his works were still made pixel-by-pixel. He has worked as an illustrator or graphic artist for several games, like Defender of the Crown.

Official website: http://www.fish-byte.com/
An interview: http://www.pcmuseum.ca/sachs1.asp

Some of his works:


Cover for Amiga World Special Issue

Defender of the Crown II Finale





Mark’s the best. I learned more about lighting and color management working a few months with him than all my years in Art school (which were really useful too, don’t get me wrong :slight_smile: )


In fact if I look at that TWP scenario above, for example compare the tree in the center and that one from the other artist (which is excellent too) from “Defender of the crown”. Different styles but it seems that Mark Ferrari finds almost the perfect color in any situation!

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Do you think that your experience in TWP will have any kind of effect on the techniques that you use to draw the Pixels Huh paintings?