Poll: I've played TWP on this OS

Thank you! I didn’t know that multiple votes are allowed there.

The poll says: “Choose up to 7 options”. :wink: (on the right side of the options)

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Clearly this poll needs a tutorial and the ability to rewind…


A fast forward function would be nicer: Just click one button and all members of this forum have voted …

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Hey, I wasn’t ready!! I was just grabbing something from the fridge while in the multiplayer lobby!

And better box art. :slight_smile:


You take criticism like a dairy farmer! Wanna duel?

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No problem:


Oh, wait - you mean a better TWP box art? No problem:


The good ones looked more like this. Also, TWP: 2 Video Games.

Yeah, but I was lazy and used a shitty generator. :wink:

Actually I still own the first edition of an Atari 2600, paddles (is there someone out there who still knows what paddles are? :slight_smile:), some old cartridges and the boxes! Ha!

Playing Pong on the Atari 2600, that´s a paddlin´!


You should take less from the red pills each morning …

Thank god it´s wednesday!


I do! I think we used them for only 1 or 2 games. :slight_smile:

You know, on Facebook I joined a group called “Sacred order of the Stonecutters” (but in Italian), and since then my Facebook feed is 99% Simpsons quotes, gifs and videos.

It’s good to see that you’re a fellow Stonecutter too :smiley:

Played it on Linux.

One thing about the Simpsons.

Back in the 90s and a few years after that The Simpsons used to be the ultimate icebreaker.
You could literally walk up to anyone and feed a quote and get an answer back and then get to talk. I had people who I hardly knew throw quotes at me and I always got it. It used to be this beautiful unifying experience and there was hardly any quote so obscure that you had to explain it. It was a true phenomenon.

I follow this guy on twitter:


He focuses on quotes from the good first 8-9 seasons and it makes me smile everytime something appears on my timeline.

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It’s interesting to see that more people have played the game on Linux as on the X-Box …

So… this is what you need to enter those secret freemasonry meetings… what they talk about… I’ve always believed the whole esoteric stuff, and the frantic search of power being a completely petty thing… I’m so relieved now!

Order of the first Signal