PotterHeads (Official Thread)

Official Thread for Potterheads if there are any in this forum…

I don’t do drugs…

Oh! PottERheads!
You can go about your business…Move along. Move along.


You mean fans of “Harry Potter”?

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I read the first book before it was popular, in '98, and thought it was slightly above average.

But I think you might need some kind of scar to be a Potterhead.

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I could say that about A Song of Ice and Fire, but not Harry Potter. I never heard of that before the hype, and then refused to read it out of principle. I did eventually succumb, and read the series, but only because I could borrow the books from friends. Liked the 6th volume best. Wouldn’t call myself a fan, however.

Yes exactly

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now just imagine a classic p&c set on that universe…


I haven’t read the books and I haven’t watched the movies (*). So I can’t contribute much, unfortunately.

(*) Yeah, I know, unbelievable. But what should I do?

Watch the movies, at least. :mage:


Is that wizard looking a little bit angry …?

Grumpy Gandalf




oh my! :scream:

Sometimes I wish I could have those cool little gadgets from Men in Black :sunglasses:… flash myself and watch the whole saga for the first time again.

If you like fantasy you’re in for a treat, watch them!


Actually speaking I didn’t read any of the books, I just saw the first movie on TV and the last movie in theaters in 3D… LOL

Oh, they filmed it in 3D? Was the 3D “experience” good?

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I´m not sure but I think that was only one scene or sequence?

I haven’t watched the last movie or two or three.

I did read the books.


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Nope the whole movie…


I imagine that reading the books, as usual, is a better experience. Did that happen to you in this case?