PotterHeads (Official Thread)

Sure, I suppose. Starting with the third movie they’re actually decent enough movies cinematically I’d say.

I watched half a movie (when they said it is even better than LOTR. But I found it… just boring) and didn’t read any of the books. It seems it’s largely a rip-off of an Anthony Horowitz book (Gooseham Grange).
But kids seem to love it! As well as Mr. David Fox. :wink:

I also saw Fantastic Beasts and that was an enjoyable movie.

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Which one? The first and second are nothing special; the third is pretty decent as a movie (wayyyy better than the first two), the fourth wasn’t too bad as a movie and the fifth bored me.

I don’t understand why Harry Potter is so popular, but the books are sufficiently enjoyable. There’s solidly nothing much wrong with 'em. :slight_smile:

I liked that one better than the original films, mostly because it seemed a bit more grown up. Looking forward to the 2nd part, which is due this year. Watched part of a trailer that seemed long enough to contain the entire movie. Strange.

The first obviously.
Although I have seen bits and pieces over the years, including the end of the last movie. I can’t say it is on top of my must-see list.

Well, that one just isn’t a good movie. But it’s passable. :slight_smile: