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Reyes lost a lot of items suddenly?!

Hi there!
I just got to part 4 and Reyes and Ray are back, but when I started to be able to control Reyes again, he suddenly had a lot of icons lesser than before, see attached screenshot.

I‘m playing the latest switch version (digital purchase).

Is this a known bug or anything I can do to fix this?
I already tried giving him another item, but that didn‘t work.

Thanks in advance!


Did he was unconscious, then suddenly appeared? It’s made on purpose…

No he wasn‘t! I have just been able to control him again but most of his stuff is gone.

Being unconscious on purpose - that is something I already have read about, but not that some of his inventory is missing on purpose.

The reason I was asking is, that I saw a let‘s play video with this passage where Reyes still has everything he had before.

Thanks for your reply though!

If you mean after they come back in disguise and meet at the hotel, it’s normal.

It just means that all the stuff you had isn’t needed anymore.


Not even the notebook? That‘s weird! Everyone else has it.
But yeah, that’s what I mean.

Thanks for clarifying that!

Even though I don’t get it… look at this let‘s play:

That‘s where I am with the switch, only with the difference that his Reyes still has everything and mine doesn‘t.

You know, I try to continue playing I just don‘t get the difference why it‘s different there.


UPDATE: Okay… nevermind. For whatever reason Ray had Reyes notebook and I‘ll just grab another map for Reyes. Should work out :slight_smile:


Did Reyes got previously abducted? You then likely picked up his notebook with Ray and just never gave it back to him :slight_smile:.

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