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Problem in part 4 (edit: solved, not a problem)


Yes, that is correct. Acts and parts are not the same things. Part are exposed to the player, but acts aren’t.

We check for entering ThimbleCon, just to move it farther into the act. It was an easy (i.e. safe) quick test. If your checks get too complex, it becomes more likely you might break them (as we’ve done) as code changes. So you keep them simple.




Why are you doing this? Don’t you make the game/code more complex? Because you have to maintain the internal chapters and the parts for the players…?


I thought it refered to the classic 3 act structure of writing fiction.

My guess would be that Act 1 comprises Chapters 1-3. Act 2 is Chapters 4-6 and Act 3 is Chapters 7-9.


Because parts were added later, after a lot of the act code was written. And that’s only for the player. We don’t tract parts in code.


OK, that explains the mechanics.

Now we just need to figure out what the kidnapping means. It creeped me out a bit. With all the talk about AIs in Chuck’s journal, I was half expecting the game to go the “pod people” route. I suspected Reyes had been replaced by an AI (although it was weird that I could still control him), and that one of the next goals was going to be to figure out where the real Reyes was being held, free him, and expose the impostor.

Perhaps I missed something, but to me it seemed like the kidnapping was something totally random that had no bearing whatsoever on the story. Perhaps it’s supposed to be an illustration of the “resets” Chuck speaks about in his second journal? The townspeople kidnap and kill one of the feds, but the outside world intervenes and resets Reyes, who then wakes up elsewhere and assumes he simply blacked out?

Any other theories?


You’ll find a few interesting ones in this thread and also randomly scattered around other threads.

I think that the “resets” Chuck speaks about in the journal are more about the whole game, not about specific characters. Also, in the latest update of the game Delores makes a remark about human-shaped AI, which I think is very much related to the whole “robot theory”.


The scene placards (Part 3, Part 4, etc.) you see showing is totally different than the g.act2 flag. In our code, g.act2 is TRUE after the agents left town on the bus.