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PS4: Problem entering PIN code at secret meeting

I have encountered an issue when trying to enter the PIN code at the secret meeting. The PIN code according to the pizza flyer is “44-68-90”. When trying to enter this PIN on the keypad it only reacts to the first four digits, 4468 (i.e. the buttons are pushed and a DTMF sound is made). But when I try to enter the last two digits, 90, the buttons do not react at all (i.e. they are not pushed in and there is no DTMF sound). If I enter any other 6 digit PIN code it works fine to enter all six digits and the alarm sounds the red light starts blinking.

From what I can tell from videos of gameplay there should be no problem entering all six digits here. Is it a bug?

Platform: Playstation 4
Version: 1.03 (which from I can tell is the latest on the PS4 store)

I have a video recorded of the behaviour if that is of interest.

I have the impression that this is an old bug that re-emerged because of the introduction of the hint line (which wasn’t available in previous versions of the game). Let’s see what the developers will say about it.

I even think so, 4468 is the H.I.N.T. number, maybe it is triggered.

This was a bug that was fixed, then the changes didn’t get moved into the main branch, so when we made a new build, the fix wasn’t there. It’s been fixed, but it takes a long time for console patches to go through. I don’t have an ETA for playstation. Email support and they might be able to help.

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@lars : BTW, the email address of support is:


Noted, thanks for confirming! I’ll contact support

ah, I thought the numbers seemed familiar

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