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Part 6 - Hard Mode - Wrench

Hello everyone, I’m Italian. (Sorry for my English)
I like very much this game. I’m a fan of adventure games in general.:smile:

I have a problem: is it me, or maybe a bug?

The employee at the Hotel reception does not ever turn on the pc to see what’s going on in guest’s room.
[So, i can’t go on…]

When I (Franklin) “zots” the computer, he simply turns it off.
I have done all the steps needed… this is the last…

(I don’t want to spoiler :slight_smile: )

Can someone help me?


Hello, I’m italian too, nice to meet you.

You are playing the game in normal mode, I suppose, but I didn’t understand what your current goal is.
Can you please write what have you done, and what are you missing?

Have you already scared 2 persons at the drinking fountain for Vergil?

  • If yes, the hotel manager will turn on the computer from time to time to watch the guest. You simply have to “look at” it. Just don’t zap it on yourself.

Nice to meet you too.

I’m playing in Hard Mode, as I wrote in the topic.

I need the Wrench from the Plumbers…

Vergil never asked me that. I do not have that on my 2do list…

Vergil only suggested me to face Xavier so I can leave the Hotel…

Ok, I scared 2 players and I unlock that part of the game… but how I would have arrived to do that?:confused:

It was written in your To-Do list.

Not in mine… :confused:

You were missing something. It would have eventually have been added to your TO-DO list, and you would have solved it.

However, the hints here about scaring people spoiled it for you by giving you the solution before you found the puzzle.

If I may give you a general suggestion that could help you to enjoy the game even more: always avoid following precise instructions about what to do, because you risk to completely jump to the conclusion of a section without understanding the reason or the motivation that the character had in doing those things. Basically, in this way you miss parts of the story.

Instead, ignore precise instructions and always explicitly ask for very vague hints that help you to reach the conclusion by yourself. For example, you could ask the other players which questions you should ask yourself that might help you to proceed.

This suggestion will not prevent the issue completely (everyone can pretty much tell you to do random or unrelated stuff) but at least it will minimize the chances of it to happen.

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OK, you entered the secret room in the topmost floor.
Now, you have to use the book of the deads AND another thing, that only one character wants to pick up…

exactly! How could you tell you are stuck because the hotel manager never turns on the computer if you didn’t know he does that at some point in the future?
I am in a later part of the game (and I have the wrench), but I have no idea why I picked it up… other than roleplaying a cleptomaniac adventure game character… or because it is a monkey wrench !

I remembered that wrench from the beginning of the game, when the plumbs were trying to fix the hydrant. But at that time was impossible to pick it up.

I knew that I needed a wrench o something like that at the pillowtronics for…

That was the only necessary thing to do to go on…

A friend of mine suggested me to scare 2 people… but he had this in his Franklin’s 2do list and the whole list is different from mine, that I posted up.

I wonder why this differences between the 2 lists… same game, same version (GOG)…

I finished the game with this list until the last part… (never updated - the list of course I mean, not the game-)

My list:

My friend’s List:

When seeing Ghost-Franklin the first time he meets Xavier who tells you to scare two people.

Those ToDo list entries at the beginning of your friends list should have been added at this time point, i.e. as soon as you take control of Ghost-Franklin they should have been there.

This seems to be a bug, either they weren’t added or they were removed later. Do you have earlier savegames for comparison?

First time I saw Xavier in the game was only after scaring 2 people. Not earlier.
Maybe that…?

I have tried also with previous savegames but nothing…

The only try not done yet, is to start the game from 0, new game… coming soon, I think.
These days I’ve been playing “Day Of The Tentacle Remastered” and “Grim Fandango Remastered”…):smile: :smile: :smile:

There should have been a cutscene when meeting Ghost-Franklin the first time, I tried to skip it in various ways but always got the correct ToDo items.

If you have savegames (one before and one after taking control of Ghost-Franklin) send them to and also tell them which language you are using.

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