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Psd-tools on Windows

Did anyone get the python psd_tools working under Windows? I can’t get it to install without a cambatbility errors.

Asking for a friend.


I did, but it was quite some time ago so now I don’t remember if I had to make some changes.

I’ll give it a look when I’m home, at latest in 11 hours

Ok, I have Python 2.7.17, and I used pip (20.1.1) to install psd_tools (1.9.13).

Now that I think of it, maybe I had to change something. What kind of errors is python giving to, a-hem, your friend?

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My “friend” says it’s a NumPy error (on Windows). There seems to be an issue with a recent windows update. Have I mentioned what a cluster-fuck python is. I like the language, but the way they deal with modules is amateurish (at best).

This is one reason my game engine uses no external libs (except for FMOD). Everything else is compiled from source that is checked into the git repo. It saves me from libs changing out from under me.


I totally agree with you on Python. Great language, but it’s a mess when it comes to modules, versions and so on.

At work I installed Anaconda which makes things even worse, it’s cool that it helps you set up different named environments, so you can have one which runs python 2.7 using numpy 1.18 and another one which runs python 3.9… but then you forget which is which, you run a script and it tells you “you don’t have numpy” and you install it, only to find out you installed it in the wrong environment and now instead of having three different clean environments you have three mishmash environments that kinda look the same because you installed everything everywhere.

That being said… has your friend tried checking the versions? Especially python, python 2 and python 3 are incompatible, some syntax has changed, and scripts (or library versions) that work for one give lots of errors for the other.

For your Anaconda environments you can modify, clone, remove, list contents… and with that create names that help you remember which is which.

Still 100% agree Anaconda is a mess. Installed python 3 recently on a pc that apparently already had python 2 installed through Anaconda and haven’t found yet how to tell Windows to update its path variable to use python 3 by default. (Well, I did find ways how it should work, but they don’t) Uninstalled Anaconda - no dice.


Yeah, Python can be a real mess. The way I deal with it (on Linux) is to set up a separate virtualenv per project, and collect all my dependencies in a requirements.txt which I check into version control. It’s a bit of hassle initially, but it’s easier with an IDE, and once it’s set up, it usually works OK.

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