Quiz/poll: how many of these historic adventure game developers do you know?

If you ask Google for [adventure game developers], the search engine will give you a list of some of them, sorted by some undisclosed criterion but which is in part influenced by how much they are cited online every time that the topic is “adventure games” and “development”.

You won’t find in the list some of the most popular developers/designers who are easily linked to the genre, but all the listed people have contributed to define what an adventure game is. For example you won’t find Jane Jensen, maybe because she has not been classified by the search engine as a developer but as a designer.

Here is the current list…


The quiz/poll for you is:

How many of these adventure game developers do you know?

  • Al Lowe
  • Brian Moriarty
  • Dave Grossman
  • Don Woods
  • Gary Winnick
  • Ken Williams
  • Marc Blank
  • Roberta Williams
  • Ron Gilbert
  • Scott Adams
  • Scott Murphy
  • The Coles
  • William Crowther

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(I haven’t included the ones that I recognise but can’t remember why.)

(It seems a sound voting approach to me!)

Bob Bates!!!

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The biographies of most of these people demonstrate how fast-lane computer business has used to be. :face_with_monocle:

It’s a shame. David Fox is not listed. :-1::-1::-1:


I recognize most names from reading a history of interactive fiction a few months ago.

Otherwise, if it were based on my gaming experience, it would be only Ken & Roberta Williams, Al Lowe, and Scott Murphy.

I recognize Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, of course, but that is because of Thimbleweed Park.


I didn’t vote for Al Lowe, but he has 100%. How can be it?

I really don’t know. There is nothing strange in the message raw text. Can you double-check that you didn’t actually vote for it? Maybe you can select and deselect that option again to see what happens?

It seems it didn’t save my vote. I voted again, now it seems to work. Strange, since I saw my vote highlighted in yellow, bit still Al Lowe had 100%. Well, now it seems fixed and the vote counter augmented by one.

This poll is like the Ransome’s contest at Thimblecon!

That’s because he is making educational games. They do not count as real games, didn’t you know that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Who would have expected that Gary and Ron had 100%

Neither Tim Schafer is…