Twitter accounts of adventure game developers/professionals

I don’t use Twitter much but I thought that it would have been useful for me to create a Twitter list that contains adventure games developers/professionals, so that I can periodically have a look at a very on-topic adventure-game specific stream of news/thoughts/tweets (ahah, I’m joking. People publish unrelated/random stuff in any case).

Do you have any suggestion about who I should add to the list? Both human beings and companies are welcome.

apart from the TWP authors…

surely you can add Dave Gilbert

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I´m not a game dev but I´m on twitter, you guys can look me up there, follow me and be bored out of your minds (as I never tweet).


Me too, I’m not really a game developer/designer nor I work for dev teams but I’m using Twitter to share my projects. Nevertheless creating games or having game ideas is fun, less fun maybe is trying to sell them, anyway, you can add me (anything on google that goes under Gabarts digital).

I’ve got a few suggestions.

Jacob Janerka, dude who made Paradigm is worth to watch

Jay Tholen, author of Dropsy

Ben Chandler, a graphic artist. He works with Wadjet Eye but also writes interesting things about graphics in old adventure games.

Noah Falstein

Infamous Quests (Quest for Infamy)

Tim Shaffer

TWP creators I’m sure you already found.

And a bonus account - this guy post gifs of deaths in adventure games (mostly Sierra, duh). This is the stuff that makes me go back to Twitter. Hilarious.


Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to find more adventure-related Twitter profiles in the next days and I’ll post them in this thread, in case someone is interested.

In case you are interested, I have added the following people and organizations to my list:


Lucas Pope (developer of “Paper Please”):

Amanita Design:

Francisco Gonzales (developer of several Wadjeteye games):

Infamous Quest:

Adventure Gamers: