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I also loved that they seemed to have used a generic autotuning effect for the voice. Somehow that sounded endlessly comical.




A shot in the dark!


Milan knows what’s coming now.



Oh and from another angle this time!


We would all die immediately.


Hey, that’s exactly how I wander when I’m home alone in the hot summer days! (Except for the cup of tea)



You should consider to wear a cup of tea. Looks stylish.


Right. I can’t even imagine how could people think that’s not their cup of tea!


Yes, good idea indeed. I love funny anecdotes, and I have a vast repertoire of life events that I often tell people.

The one of @PiecesOfKate is particularly nice and well told. I guessed from the beninning where it was going, but the development was lovely.
Anyway it reminded me of an anecdote of mine, which is less funny, at least if you don’t know the protagonist.

:open_book: The best limoncello in Europe

The protagonist is one of my father’s best friends. He is a nice person, but he has a tiring personality. I mean, we take him in small bits, which is the right way to enjoy his company. He is very rowdy, just as how you could imagine a stereotypical italian. He is very loud and histrionic, and he’s the typical person who has the best stuff, eats the best food, drinks the best beverages.
My father is a very nice person, and isn’t bothered by this. He mocks him for his personality with goliardic disrespect, and that is a recurrent in-joke in their relationship.

Well, this guy builds houses as a job. 15 years ago he built 6 lovely small cottages on the italian alps, with the idea of keeping one of them for himself and selling the others.
These cottages are really nice and cozy, all made in wood and stone. You can tell they were made with love by someone who was building for himself. My father went with him one day during the early stages of construction, and decided to buy one.

So they had the idea of trying to convince as many of their friends to join in. They made it, and all the remaining 4 cottages were sold to friends of them. It wasn’t difficult, since this guy was so happy of this idea that he decided to keep prices particularly low to encourage their friends to come and to avoid the presence of strangers.

So we know each other there, and everyone has the keys of the other cottages, just in case.

Three years ago my father got married, in that very same mountain village, with a lady who owns one of the other 5 cottages.

The evening before th ceremony I was in our cottage with my brother, my sister, and the respective partners. We had a lot of toasts in honour of my father, we drank a bottle of champagne and quite a generous amount of wine during dinner.
After dinner, I was looking in the house for something more to drink, but I didn’t find anything that fitted me. So I took the keys of our cellar, went out of the house, and got down steirs.I opened the freezer we have there. I found there a gorgeous bottle of handcrafted commercial limoncello, frozen to perfection, with a handpainted label with fancy drawings and so on.

I immediately ran upstairs with my booty, for the joy of my fellow companions.

We opened it and drank it.

Then the doorbell rang. It was our neighbor, who had dinner at a restaurant, got home, saw the lights on and chimed in just to say hi.

We invited him to join us, even if the remnants of limoncello where hardly enough for a scarce glass.

He tasted it. He started to say that he loves limoncello, and so he could say that ours was good. Anyway, he had an even better one, which he was saving for a good occasion. It was voted the “best limoncello in Europe”, and nudge-nudge-wink-wink, “surely the most expensive”.

During all of his ode to that awesome limoncello, we all started to look each other in face.
We were quite drunk, you know, and some of us started holding back some giggles.

He went on talking, and you can tell from his face he was wondering why we found his words so funny.

At a moment he said this very words: “I thought that tonight would have been a good occasion for me to drink that limoncello, so I brought it here from home, I hope you don’t mind I’ve entered your cellar (starts slowing down his speech as he starts realizing what happened) to borrow your freez… but… but… wait a min… but… THAT’S MY LIMONCELLOOOOOOO!”

Lots of hysterical fnars. I felt ashamed I couldn’t stop laughing to properly apologize :joy:



When we stayed in Strassbourg at the Chateau du Pourtale I was impressed by the long hallway in the upper floor. So I decided to take a photo from the ground level.

When I was lying on the floor looking into the camera a girl from the other class ran into the frame on the opposite level of the floor(I was at one staircase she at the other) without me knowing it and she frooze at the moment I clicked without realising she was even there. I stood up trying to explain myself but she already ran down the stairs shouting for her girl friend:

“The upper floor is full of mad men!!!”

Disclaimer: we got along fine before and after that.


Ok the following it’s not a proper anecdote, it’s more a joke.
Yesterday night we were out at a bar, at a friend’s birthday (among other things I tried Aperol Spritz which is good but without those ice cubes it would have been too bitter for my tastes, good anyway).

:open_book: We were talking about smoking. F. says she started smoking as a teen just to feel older, and she didn’t like it back then, but soon she got addicted to it. She said she was pretty naive back then and didn’t even know the tricks like spraying deodorizer in the bathroom where she hided to smoke at school or at home. She said now she always sprays it. And her boyfriend: “I spray deodorizer when I go to the bathroom too! But I don’t smoke!”


I’d have a perfect Simpsons reference for this, but I can’t find a proper gif.




The same picture came up into my mind too. :wink:


No, but I think it was in the same episode.
Homer and Marge are experimenting some sex problems, and they are having some petting in an hotel room. He is without shirt, when a maid comes in. He has a girlish scream and covers his nipples with two painted teacups he finds nearby.


I know exactly what you mean!


What are you referring to? To the simpsons scene?