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Ransome fan art

My first post in this forum to say hello to the community with a Ransome fan art by me.


Oh dear, I hope he is “just” applying his anti-itch cream…

Fun fact, his right hand is actually behind his back.:ransome:

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@Reznorix: It’s very well drawn but before I give it a “like”, I would like to know why he has his right hand in his pants.

He stole a banana from the Cannibals, and he’s checking whether it’s still in its place.

Oh no, it’s getting even worse. OK, so he is checking if the banana still in place. But is his hand in front or back?

Maybe it´s little Ransome…you know a Ransome doll he calls “little Ransome”, what else could it be?

I find it unlikely that he’s doing a proctoscopy.

Better not to know where the banana is.

He is using his anti-itch cream? He just realized he forgot his underpants on the table? He is keeping the circus key where nobody would look for it? … who knows.

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