Ransome's taste in matter of underwear

I tried to join the last theories thread… but I can’t, it makes my head spin :blush:

I think it’s time for lighter subjects.

There’s a gag which is not so evident, about [subject].

Who else did notice that? :smiley:

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I didn’t notice it, whats the gag?

It’s in the Ransome’s trailer

about at half video

in the woods

by the pizza van

when he gets electrocution

you can see his underwear

and it’s female underware

Quite weird-a-boo.

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You sure that´s not supposed to be his hipbone? Wait a minute…is that a bra? I never noticed that!

This is serious matter that deserves a deep underwear analysis. I thank Ema for bringing up this important topic.

I was one of the people who noticed something strange back then but I completely forgot about it.

I used my ContentTron3000™ prototype to have a look at the game graphics. I don’t want to publicly share graphic samples because I’m not sure the authors will appreciate it.

Here follow the detailed findings…

Electrocuted Ray shows no underwear. You see only bones.

Electrocuted Ransome shows both a bra and a tanga. But it might be a bikini, I’m not sure.

Electrocuted Reyes shows boxers with little-red-shapes on them. They might be circles or little hearts.

Electrocuted Delores shows no underwear. You see only bones. But you see the contents of her bag: a Pac-Man.

I’m sure that you all will realize the profound multiple implications of these findings. I trust your discretion.

I trust Delores.

When looking for inspiration to decode Ron Gilberts recent Hex message I stumbled across a website that details how to do what you did, extract the graphics of TWP, and the guy (who is a backer) asks people to help him dig further into the game files. (he even lists his e-mail) So I guess its already out there, sadly.

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It’s not really “out there”, but yes, there are ways of extracting everything. Plus, they changed the obfuscation key after the big update, so, unless you study again the whole structure, the script you might have gotten from a third person won’t work anymore.

However, it’s SO COOL that you can change the game’s content and have it load it up.

Here’s an example:

This is not a photoshopped snapshot, I was actually playing with a blonde Ray.

This is going to be so useful for when we begin our Italian voiceover (@ZakPhoenixMcKracken @Gffp don’t you forget that our main goal is that - my wife will be a perfect Ray, I guarantee), but I think we all agree that, as long as the game is still “new”, we should all avoid to publish suck hacks.