Ransom talking to Mdm Morena

After watching the official launch trailer (which I luckily only did after finishing the game, there shd be art and location spoiler warnings), I was wondering: Ransom talks to Morena in her shop. Could this be achieved in the game?

The trailers are intentionally filled with a lot of contents that are not exactly from the actual game. A lot of contents are customized for the trailers. This helped to avoid a lot of spoilers in the trailers.

There is a frame in the trailer that is not part of the current game version:

…but we know that in the future release, it will be real :smiley:


Unless Delores won’t go in there… :wink:

We all know that game developers never have time to sit around playing games…

Sure, they stand upright :delores:


As I have theorized before, she might not go in there because all high scores are hers already. :slight_smile:

Posting pictures of the original C64 versions of MM and Zak might be the best way to like-bait me there is!

Then again , would YOU play a game called Die Enemy Die or Kill Thrill in a town like Thimbleweed Park? If the arcades were accessible in day 1 release, for sure. But now we have finished the game while waiting for the update that unlocks the arcade door, I’m not so sure anymore
Especially not if you’re a game designer by profession.

It´s been 29 years and I´m STILL waiting for the doors of the Barbershop to open in Zak!


I’m still waiting for accessing the catacombs in “The Secret of Monkey Island”.

I played through both games just yesterday and I´m not sure what you´re talking about?

In the woods of Melee Island you can find a stump with a hole in it and it’s a tunnel that opens onto a system of catacombs.

Oh those, yeah that gag was still cut from the SE (and it would have hurt absolutly nobody had they reinstated it, especially in the steam version, though I played it on CD Rom).

Come to think of it I´m not even sure if I played a version that had that back in the day (I played the Amiga version) because as I understand it was removed fairly soon.

Oh, but you do get to visit those in the end of MI2! At least that’s how I felt when reading that line the first time when replaying MI after having finished MI2. Very cleverly constructed, just like those gas cans and chainsaw randomly spread around.

Yeah but the woods in MI where the stump is are on Melee Island while the catacombs are on Phatt Island (under the house where you have the drinking contest to get the map part) and Dinky Island at the end…come to think of it there might be sewer like catacombs under several carribean islands. Maybe that´s the secret of monkey island…

Don’t you remember in which place Guybrush appears when he takes the elevator in Dinky Island?

But is that supposed to make any sense? It´s Dinky island, then that elevator takes you to the the Melee Island back alley, then they leave the sewers to an amusement park that is essentially a repainted Booty Island. Might the carribean islands be connected via a series of tubes AKA the internet?

BTW Chuckie in Monkey Island 2 = Hoagie in DotT?

= ?

Those are not sewers. They are maintenance/utility tunnels of…

And the tunnels are below all the islands because all the islands are actually…

Oz? Narnia? Detroit?

No, the amusement Thimbleweed Park, of course.

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I think I prefer Gardaland.

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