ResidualVM 0.3.0 was released

ResidualVM 0.3.0 was released and contains a lot of improvements for Grim Fandango and Myst III.

Also beside Escape from Monkey Island (which already works very well with current development version) support for The Longest Journey is currently in progress:

It’s incredible to see what ScummVM has become, supporting more and more adventure games, from SCUMM to Sierra catalogue to more obscure ones!

I’m dreaming of a world where ResidualVM will become the same, supporting more and more of those newer adventure games (because 3D is the future :smirk:), having it support games like Sam&Max and Tales from Monkey Island and even Thimbleweed Park VR would be awesome!


It’s really great that there are ways to play these games on modern devices, thanks to ScummVM and ResidualVM, but I’m still hoping for a classic point & click interface for Escape from MI and Tales of MI. I never really liked these games. But, such a UI would allow me to enjoy them a little more. I’ll never understand why they didn’t include such a point & click mode in both games from the very first. It would have been worth the effort - as we can see in Grim Fandango, by the way!

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We’ve got a mouse mod for Grim Fandango based on ResidualVM, so having something like this for Escape from Monkey Island is very possible.

I wonder if it would be possible to have it integrated into their main branch so it keeps maintained there.

I guess that the guy who did this for GF isn’t interested in creating such a mod. Elsewise, we would have read about it already. I’m sure that he spent hundreds (or even thousands) of hours in order to create his GF mod. I heard that he was later engaged by Double-Fine for helping to create such a mouse interface for GF Remastered. Maybe he is still employed at DF and doesn’t have enough time to create such a mod for EMI. Or maybe he has been a GF fan, but hates EMI - or he has smelt a bunch of money and would only do this for EMI, too, if he got a salary for it as well.
I’m convinced that DF would implement a mouse UI, if they were about to do an EMI Remastered version, since they did this for GF, too. Though, EMI is not created by Tim Schafer, so it’s very unlikely that they will ever make an EMI Remastered. Also, I think that a CMI Remastered would actually be the next logical step (and more interesting to me).

This would be very convenient and definitely possible.

I wonder it this is something they would do or maybe they don’t want to mess up their code base (since this game was never meant to be played with mouse).

OK thousands is very exaggerated. But you need to love the game to do it and EMI is not that popular so it won’t be that easy to find someone.
The basic foundation with this mod is laid, one thing which is a lot of work is probably to define all hotspot locations.

I also heard he was visiting them because they had heard of his work. I don’t know if he really worked with them though.

Yes, FT and GF were his babies and he remastered both. But I think they have sold well, maybe he or someone else will be approached for remastering MI3 and MI4.
(btw. I think MI3 is fine as it is, but just being able to buy it would be great)

It was told here that he joined the team.

I’m just a beginner in programming, so I don’t know how much work it would be. I agree that it might have been less than thousand hours. Though, seeing that DF have engaged this guy for that job, it seems to be very complex. The guy in the video also mentions that there were “a lot of special case problems”.

That’s true. Also, he remastered DotT, his very first baby.

It currently feels as unlikely to me as MI 3a does. However, the creators of the MI Special Editions are no longer working for Lucasfilm/LucasArts, thanks to Disney. Though, this article says:

All of Shafer’s remakes include the original game, and he says he tries to ensure that the original creators are involved in the project, at least in some capacity.

I’m not sure if the original creators of CMI and EMI would be willing to collaborate. But at least this quote doesn’t explicitly exclude a DF-made Remaster of a non-Schafer game.

I agree that it’s fine, but I would like to enjoy the drawings with a contemporary color depth and screen resolution. Also, the sound quality could be better. CMI is 20 years old now.

But these are either solved thanks to GF (verb UI, inventory) or needs to be done for EMI too (there could be problems with pathfinding/walkboxes for instance).

Let’s see if we can find an answer regarding integration of this mod in ResidualVM.

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Looks like ResidualVM is gearing up to a new release with finished TLJ support.

To play The Longest Journey, get a fresh daily build of ResidualVM, assemble the required files from your game copy, and optionally install the HD mod.


I’ve never heard of this HD mod before, cool!

Me neither. It seems to have been finished for about half a year: GitHub - TLJHD/

It’s part of the zeitgeist to do it this way of course. :slight_smile:

ResidualVM will now be merged into ScummVM. Sounds good to me. :slight_smile:


The title of the news entry:

“Manny, until now we scraped along the ground like rats, but from now on, we soar! Like eagles! Yeah! LIKE EAGLES…ON…POGO STICKS!!!”

At first it reads like news from April Fools’ Day, like this one: Announcing CABAL :slight_smile:

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And those engines were merged eventually nevertheless.

Sorry to bump this really old topic, I’m still hoping for someone to mod Escape like they did with Grim Fandango on Residual and add mouse P&C control, from time to time I do a search to see if someone caved in and worked on it haha!! .


Me too. Even though I actually disliked that game.