Ron declares he is working on a new Monkey Island

Quite frankly, I’m banking on it. I want to be stumped with the puzzles (insert stump disk 22 joke here) . I’m not going to consult a walkthrough, nor am I going to make use of the in-game hint system. I’m going old school for this mo-fo. If I spend four months, clueless and without an idea of what to do, then so be it. I’ve spent my entire life awaiting this game and I’m going to savor every darn last frustrating bit of it!


It’s true that, if Ron wants to innovate (as I believe he does) , he is probably going to do something like what you are suggesting …

Otherwise, what kind of innovation could he bring? I don’t see him innovating at the interface level, like obra dinn for example, as it would limit the range and diversity of the puzzles.


Hoping he innovates so hard that no human will be able to relate to it.


I also hope this innovation can be reused in other games. That it’s not something that’s unrepeatable , because it depends on a plot gimmick…

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Maybe it’s just some way to explain the backstory to new players… if it starts with kid Guybrush, new players will be wondering how it’s a pirate game.

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To put events in perspective, it’s important to say that when the development of MI2 was almost finished, Ron still didn’t have an ending, any ending. So he panicked.

In my opinion, with “It was not meant to be a cliff hanger” he just meant that the ending of MI2 was a result of a last-minute panic-induced decision, not something planned.


Yes, you’re probably right.

In an uncharacteristic 180-turn from the rigid zero-divulging policy adopted by the developers, a critical and unimaginable piece of information has leaked and it’s making the news around the planet.

The issue is… he wrote “RITM”.


How long did it take for Ron to henpeck out that accent mark? He is a man of many more talents than myself tho, I suspect he may have it on speed dial, actually.

Ron simply wrongly assumed that the typo was that the “I” was meant to be another “T”…

“please, please, pleeeeeeease, tell me that your RTTM (Reply To This Message) will include subtitles in Spanish”


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My new theory is that the game starts off in third person, then Guybrush’s soul gets zapped into you, the player. The rest of the game is trying to get him out of you.


That sentence hides more meanings than I’m comfortable to discuss.


“The power of Orthodox LeChuck compels you!”

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I was thinking about the title of this discussion: “Ron declares he is working on a new Monkey Island”.

Giving the status of things, are we sure that it’s safe to assume that working on the game implies that he’ll actually relEaSe the Freakin’ THING before poeple willgo inSAne for the lack of information?!???!

Ghhhh… :triumph:

Hmf… :expressionless:




I sometimes quickly misread it as: “Ron declares war on a new Monkey Island”.

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So far there are no puzzles in RtMI, only a chicken minigame. Now he’s finished with that, Ron is starting to design the puzzles.

Yep that’s one of the continuity things I expected Ron would ignore. :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone hated the idea back in the day, and it didn’t fit with the originals at all, especially Monkey1 which has the captain’s log in it where Marley was constantly bitching on about Herman. Then again EMI isn’t a very good game at all.

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As someone who doesn’t follow video games in general, am I missing something? Is it super unusual for a game to be announced and then hear very little?

As a cinema guy and not a video game guy, things being announced and then complete / near complete silence for a long time is the norm to me.

So for me and RTMI—I know something I’m interested in is coming out eventually and if that’s six months from now and I don’t hear anything official about it until two weeks before that, it’s fine with me.


For a videogame at random maybe not, but people here probably got used to the backer treatment on


Hmm, isn’t the name of the captain of the Sea Monkey unknown? Maybe you are mixing him up with the Captain of The Elaine?

Speaking of Herman Toothrot, am I the only one who initially thought that he hung the Captain of the Sea Monkey, back in TSOMI? Herman claims the guy died from an “accident” setting up a swing.

Did the Captain kill himself because he couldn’t stand Herman anymore, or was he murdered?