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Monkey Island news

looks like this is picking up momentum again!

Begging? Argh…

That´s right, I´m still hoping for a hostage situation.


So weird, I was hopefully looking up news on it yesterday and didn’t see this!


Just found out about Thimbleweed Park a couple months ago.

If Ron Gilbert makes a game, I must play it.


While these petitions are nice, they don’t help. This is about the 4th one that’s appeared. Disney is paying no attention, and even worse if they do, the more interest these petitions get, the more Disney might think the IP has value and not sell it back. The best thing to happen is for everyone to forget about MI and for Disney to think it has no value.


That’s like a Morrissey lyric :joy:


wow the whole thing really sucks…

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“the whole thing”, as in, the entertainment industry in 2018, yes.


How much are they asking for? Maybe this is something which could be kickstarted?


Maybe someday. Please don’t suggest I do a Kickstarter to get the money, that’s not possible without Disney first agreeing to sell it and they haven’t done that.

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exactly!..we can do whatever to pursuit our hopes with big support, but it actually only helps to Disney :disappointed_relieved:

Sorry for bumping this thread… but now I have your attention. There is some news about Monkey Island. Rumour has it the next game will feature Mêlée Island by daytime.


Wow. The artist is Italian, I think.

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The work is impressive but I don’t like Melee Island at daytime at all. The special “atmosphere” of the night is totally gone.

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Well, you get the “special” atmosphere at daytime.
It’s like visiting a night club during the day…


That looks really great! Wish you’d do the entire island by day! :slight_smile:

I didn’t do that. A guy called Duccio Rocci did.
And I read somewhere he didn’t want to do all the effort like changing the animated doors, so it was just an experiment.

However I also found this (using other similar art - but messed up color palettes)

(Here you can see the door animation not working as it should)

Quite the opposite. The artist didn’t create a custom palette at all, thus this excessive noise. You can clearly see the palette intact when those unaltered doors open. He says it himself in the description of the second video:

As you cann see it works though I should work a lot adapting the palettes!

When I ported the Spiffy closeup to VGA for the Ultimate Talkie Edition, I did a matching palette. Since there are no other actors on screen, but only the text, I could use more colors than the average background has, and I did.


That’s what I meant. That it is just a trial and not polished at all.

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