Ron Gilbert is having fun building a top-down RPG engine

Maybe because it’s first person perspective? ; )

That might actually be! My preference for third person perspective has probably made me one of the people who contributed to the disappointing sales of the game.

I didn’t think we’d see a second post about this from Ron. Interesting… He might be putting serious time into this.

Maybe he´s working on a game about nothing?

It might be a philosophical reaction to this recent simulator published by DoubleFine.

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Just the shopping cart button weirds me out. It just says “Buy Everything”.

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To me, the more interesting aspect of it is that the second heading says “Buy Everything + OST”, which suggests that everything isn’t necessarily inclusive of everything and that there are different kinds of infinities that are bigger than other kinds of infinities, which is a real thing.

Yeah, like the saying :“Everybody and his brother knows that!”

Could this be the first inkling about his new top-secret user interface? He found a way to have puzzles without inventory?

Reading the Twitter comments, it seems combat is definitely going to be in it… Otherwise " it would be an adventure game", and he says he has already done a lot of them. (Suggesting " too many") .

This would be perfectly fine to me, if there were also a lot of puzzles. But so far, no evidence that there will be puzzles in it. Let’s see what happens…

Guys, girls and aliens: Ron is experimenting. And joking on Twitter. So why not just wait a little bit, drink a cup of tea and relax in front of a nice open fire instead of speculating? :slight_smile:

Because Internet, duh!

I believe that if my speculations become sufficiently harassing they can alter the course of history.

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As it is currently evident from the news, harassing can alter quite a bit.

Update: he denies to have said there are no puzzles.

Which does not mean there will be puzzles, now that I think of it…

:white_check_mark: Combat

:white_check_mark: Puzzles

:white_check_mark: Massive world

:white_check_mark: Story

:white_check_mark: Conversations

:x: Skill trees

:x: Inventory

:x: Equipment

:white_check_mark: Just for fun and to learn


:white_check_mark: Bacon


I’ll pretend I did not read the last one.

I don’t think we have a way to tell if that idea of a new interface is related to this new RPG prototype or if it was applicable only to PnC adventure games. But I’m pretty sure that puzzles without inventory already exist in some PnC adventure game, even if I can’t remember any specific title at the moment.

Detective Grimoire comes to mind. (great, innovative UI for generic deductions). Also, I think, Contradiction, and Her Story.

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