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Ron Gilbert is looking for a 2D pixel artist



Seems like this thing is beginning to grow!


a tile-based game

Hoping for a pixel-art version of one of these bad boys -




I couldn’t draw a speck of dust if my life depended on it, so I guess I have to pass. But seems there’s something brewing …


“tile” sounds like the RPG game Ron created a few months ago. Now we apparently know that he didn’t do that just for fun. Though, it can be a platformer as well.
I only wonder how “big” his project is going to be. The fact that tiles can be recombined arbitrarily, the game actually may be quite big. And it might be expandable. :slight_smile:
Hopefully, it will provide a strong narrative, not just fights.


I couldn’t even tell for sure what a pixel tile is…


I imagine it to be like that. Well, maybe a little bit more modern.


I spent all night dreaming of thinking of applying.

I was thinking “well, 20+ hours is 3 hours daily, I can work on nights and weekends and still be able to keep my day job”, it seemed like a good idea in the dream.

But I’m surely not good enough and Ron deserves better :stuck_out_tongue: maybe next time.


And now you´ll never know because you didn´t even try.


Hey, Yoda clearly says that “there is no try”. So I chose “do not”, Yoda should agree with my choice.


You think he´ll do it like with the X-Wing and apply for the job in your place then?


Great to know Ron’s side project is turning into something real. And very interesting also. I can’t wait to play it!

But this also raises the question: what is his main project?


So how are everyone elses’ tile drawing skills coming along?
Mine are marginally better than they were a couple of weeks ago, almost ready to send my application in.


I couldn´t even paint the tiles in my bathroom!


You’re hired!


When the tiles are 1 pixel wide, I’d say I’m pretty good.


He is working on the new multi-player version of Maniac Mansion.*

*Statement not valid in real life.


Ohhh, you´re doing it again!