Russian Version

Hello, everyone! Here I’m going to gather all feedback on the Russian version of TWP™. Feel free to post bugs, typos and things you like or don’t. Спасибо!

A couple of things:

First, all the interface verb+item lines sound mighty weird in the nominative case.
«Открыть книга Мертвых», «Дать голова персонажу Рэйес». I am guessing this might be an engine limitation.

There is also a game-breaking translation error in the Circus flashback.
One of the possible safe combination clues mentions «a number of steps leading up to Ransom’s bed». The translation calls for a «число шагов до кровати Рэнсома» whereas it should be «число ступеней».

A minor point: during the final showdown between Delores and Chuck, when the other characters enter the room, they say «We were watching on the big monitor». It is translated as «они следят за нами через большой монитор» when it should say something like «Мы всё видели на большом мониторе».

Lastly, a small quib. The Cyrillic versions of the verbs are quite difficult to read unless you switch to «Retro Verbs». This font works for the Latin text, but Cyrillics just meld together into a barely legible picket fence.

Here’s one idea of quick typography fix that would allow for more tracking between the letters and improve legibility. You get to keep the same x-heigh and general type style / pixel resolution, and the whole font can be modified within a couple of minutes.