A few little suggestions

While I was playing TWP, I noted the following suggestions. At least the 3rd one is still valid for the current GOG version:

  1. Delores’s flashback: When you close the advertisement of a vacancy, Delores says ‘Wow, …’ each time, no matter how often she has “looked” at it before. I think, it would have been more realistic if she spoke this first line only at the first time, whereas the subsequent lines could be repeated very well at any time in order to give a hint to the player.

  2. When you have used GraphicsBASIC on the computer in Delores’ room, the description says ‘computer with GraphicsBASIC’ when the cursor is on the monitor, whereas it’s still called ‘computer’ when the cursor is on one of the peripheral devices on the sides.

  3. Another detail I have noticed is the german translation of the line ‘It doesn’t go there.’ (when I “use” the Book of the Dead on a “wrong” item). The character says ‘Da geht sie nicht hin.’ (= ‘She doesn’t go there.’), which doesn’t make any sense in that situation. An applicable translation would have been, for instance: ‘Damit funktioniert es nicht.’

I don’t know German… but…

These are default lines, so “It’s doesn’t go there” can be used on countless items. The book was probably flagged as female gender, which is why it says “She doesn’t go there.”

This would explain the female gender in the translation.
Though, in addition, the verb ‘go’ was mistaken as ‘walk’. For this reason, the translation inappropriately ends with the word ‘hin’.
‘Da geht es nicht.’ would be correct though.

It’s hard to nit-pick a game I enjoyed so much, but during my first playthrough I was disappointed there was so little interaction/dialogue between the playable characters (the exception being Ray/Reyes and Franklin with anybody for obvious reasons). Maybe an initial cut scene when they first cross paths with a “What the hell are you doing here?” conversation would have satisfied me.

I’m not exactly sure why I felt this way either… Maniac Mansion did not have this capability, but in my headcannon (and actual cannon I guess) they all knew each other previously. Either it’s a byproduct of the stellar voice acting and being more invested​ in the characters, or it’s become more common in some of the more recent games to have dialogue trees with other playable characters.

Dunno… Definitely not something fixable with a patch unfortunately, but something to keep in mind for the next game that I will gladly throw tons of Kickstarter money at to get the ball rolling… No pressure…

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We discussed that in an older blog post (I think it was the “whiteboards” one: https://blog.thimbleweedpark.com/whiteboards)

One problem is, that you have a lot of possible combinations depending on the puzzles solved already. A “talk to” would be more difficult to implement than the notebooks.

I can only speak for myself but in Maniac Mansion the kids are friends with the same goal. As you wrote, they knew each other. Beside that you had only three kids and (most of us) solved the game with only one of the kids. You only needed a small amount of interaction.

So, yes, in TWP a lot of player missed the possibility to talk to another of the characters.

‘Das geht nicht.’ (=‘This won’t work.’) would be even better, in my opinion.

Better: “Das klappt so nicht” like in Maniac Mansion.

I assume, Boris Schneider’s salary was better 30 years ago :wink:

As far as I know, Boris made the Thimbleweed Park translation for $1.


But I don´t know his salary for MM´s translation :wink:

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That’s a bit harsh, I think. Keep in mind that Boris did this translation during his spare time. And, to make mistakes is human. As long as there is no German voice-acting in the game, they can easily fix such a mistake.
By the way, if you are annoyed by any other mistakes in the translation, no one will prevent you from informing the team about them - either on this forum or via e-mail. :wink:

Sorry, if it sounded harsh - despite I´m working hard in my english (UK/US).

I only was annoyed about Boris` typing errors - not his translation.

As I can inform the team only in my spare time as well, I`m too lazy about that :wink:

[quote=“BigRedButton, post:10, topic:251”]
By the way, if you are annoyed by any other mistakes in the translation, no one will prevent you from informing the team about them - either on this forum or via e-mail. :wink:
[/quote]We already did in the blog posts.
A public bug tracker would be more helpful, I guess, so they don’t forget about things.

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I noticed a Spanish translation mistake in the spoken dialog of Agent :reyes: mother: It sounded to me as if she said, “Come a casa, come a mi”; which roughly translates into a grammatically incorrect version of “Eat the house, eat me.” :laughing:

I think the voice actress just read the lines perfunctorily from a bad translation. I can imagine the original English lines being “Come home, come to me,” which would have translated to “Vuelve a casa, vuelve a mi”. So it seems to me that someone forgot to translate the word “Come” and in Spanish that is a form of the verb “To Eat.” LOL!


I seriously doubt that he was paid half a million USD for the translation of the game. He could have still have been paid a dollar like before.

It was only one $ :wink:

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That’s true. Tracking any typing errors would be very time-consuming indeed.
I predominantly played the game in English, but I toy with the idea of tracking any typing errors in the German translation when I replay the game and note them in a spreadsheet, since Germany, Austria and Switzerland might be very important markets for this game. Though I’m not sure if I’ll work round to it in the next few months.

@DZ-Jay Actually he got the difference between $ 425,001 and $ 425,000. :slight_smile:

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Oh! I missed that buck in there. :laughing:

That’s funny! I hope he enjoyed it (as I’m sure he did). :slight_smile:

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Here all stretch goals at once for more clarification:

Also we owe Boris that there is a Monkey Wrench puzzle!

Aside from my suggestion above, I haven’t found any mistake in the German translation yet.

I just found out that the dialog lines don’t get anti-aliased any more for the rest of the session when I pause the game. It’s the current Linux version from GOG.

Explain? Do you have a screen shot?