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More languages WorkInProgress for TWP?

From Microsoft XBOX One’s Thimbleweed Park page:

Language supported
English (United States)
Français (France)
Italiano (Italia)
Deutsch (Deutschland)
Español (España, Alfabetización Internacional)
Русский (Россия)
Português (Brasil)
Polski (Polska)
English (Canada)
English (United Kingdom)

P.S.: the codepage en-053 is English as used in Australia & New Zealand.

The only languages the game is translated into are French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian. The Xbox store pages were translated into these other languages, but not the game. That’s a little misleading.

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I don’t get the need in translating American English in British English or Canadian English.

In british english all of Ransome´s insults end with “gov´nah” and in canadian english they all end with “eh”.

color -> colour.

How will they know?


Forgive my ignorance, but are there any differences between English as used in Australia and American English?

I really don’t know, but I assume there’s quite a lot of differences. But less than between the italian spoken in piedmont and the italian spoken in sardinia…

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English: hello boy.
Italian official: ciao ragazzo.
Italian near Brescia: ciao gnaro.
Italian near Naples: Uè guagliò.
Italian near Sicily: ehi picciriddu

Well… we are not easy at internal languages!

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Not really, just some spelling, like “color” and “colour”, but it 100% understandable. I was making a joke. TWP has only have one English flavor (or flavour is you’re in the UK or AUS).


“Hello boy” ? I don’t know if I’ve ever heard that phrase uttered in English. :slight_smile: It would certainly seem out of place. There’s probably another translation, like “Hey” (when spoken to a male).

Yeah, the meaning is to say hello to someone you don’t know his name, but apparentely younger than you. It probably was a too literal translation from italian.
I wanted to point out that, in Italy, the same sentence varies very much, from region to region.

In the US, saying “hey boy” or “Hello boy” would be derogatory (and possibly racist).

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I guess the original translated files are in .tsv format…exported from spreadsheet,… is there a plan to let the fans do other languages any time soon?

The issue with fan translation are fonts. If they use basic latin character it’s easy. If they need new characters and fonts, it’s a lot of work. I didn’t fully anticipate how ugly the problem was until we did Russian. We don’t use true type fonts, all our fonts are either hand drawn, or true type fonts turned into bitmap fonts at compile time. To truely do fan translations, you’d need to replicate that process. Once this big patch and the other platforms are out, I’ll turn my attention to that.


“Hi, guy!” that’s the meaning.

Ugh, good you told me that. But why racist?

Oh. :cold_sweat: I think I have understand. It sounds like… Biff when calling Marty McFly

(Note for myself: never say “hello boy” to any stranger in USA if you don’t want troubles.)

If you are addressing a child, you can say, “hey, kid!” A younger person you can address as “young man” or “young lady.”

In America, the “boy” term may sound racist because it was a derogatory term used by white slave owners when addressing a slave, which persisted much after the abolition of slavery, through segregated areas as a means for white people to act superior to blacks.

Because of that historical baggage, I wouldn’t recommend it to address someone as “boy,” unless they are a child.


How I picture @ZakPhoenixMcKracken approaching a stranger in the USA now:

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