Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space - Remastered!

Here we go again! :dog: :rabbit:


Which season is the best in our opinion? :slight_smile:

My favourite was Season 2 actually(I liked the diverse settings of the episodes)! My least favourite was Season 3 due to the drastic UI changes. But I´m ready to give that one a try as well should they re-do it next year.


I really enjoyed Season 2, especially for the improvements it made since the first one. But I think my favourite is Season 3 for its epic storyline.

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Hah! Coincidentally I restarted the last episode of season 2 this week and finally finished the game.

I didn’t like the seemingly randomness of the first two episodes, but when the overall plot started to become more clear, I enjoyed it a lot! Mostly better puzzles (with some exceptions) and better writing than in season one.


It wasn’t supposed to go to Santa… but to Satan!
:dog: :rabbit: Oh yeah, that makes sense.
:santa: I see what you mean

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Looks like I have to replay season 2 …

(I have played all seasons but to be honest - I can’t remember the story in detail. Yes, I’m getting old… :frowning: )

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Then you’ll enjoy it even more when you play it a second time! I remember who T.H.E.M are, and the locations of the episodes, but that’s about it.

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Just for the records, it’s available here …

… and here for Windows: