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Sam & Max Save the World: Remastered!

Fourteen years after its original release, the first episodic series of Sam & Max gets a remaster, thanks to the teamwork of former Telltale members and Steve Purcell!

Enhanced visuals, tweaks to improve comedic impact, widescreen support and some new musical tracks. Coming to Steam, Gog, AND the Nintendo Switch on the 2nd December!

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14 years!? That’s the same period from my birth to playing the Loom…


Great news! :smiley:


Same for DotT or MI2 or something. (Which to be clear I played nearly a decade after they came out. :wink: )

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The drag picture- I mean the one with the slider in the middle- shows how they not only turned things in HD/widescreen (what you could already do with the Telltale resolution tool) but also used new character models and lighting giving Sam & Max a more comic like appearance instead of the old 3D shiny surfaced models. Nice!

The footer banner on their webpage is a nice touch too, with those faux-vintage comics owned by a person who seems to use them as coffee mug coasters more than reading them… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The top banner hints at remakes of the other two seasons… if this one sells well, I guess.

Anyway- I think I’ll start playing season 2 for the first time tonight.

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No Linux version?
No localized voice acting?
That’s disappointing. Especially since they did port the Telltale engine to Linux, and there also is at least German voice acting for all Sam & Max games available.

Edit: Sorry, my bad. They did port it to Mac, but not to Linux it seems. Still odd, it is announced for Windows and Switch only.

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I would guess that this is a license issue.

I can confirm that this made Katie happier than the news about the potential COVID vaccine! :smile:


Good to see she still has her priorities straight! :sweat_smile:


More about (VR) Sam & Max

Isn’t that nice? If you already own the game on either Steam or GOG, you get 50% off on the remaster. And they’re trying to do the same for those who bought it from TT directly.


I like Reality 2.0 a lot but I’m not sure about the changes there:

All the vibrant neon colours are gone. In this screenshot everything just looks blue.

I also checked the websites referenced in the original game. It doesn’t seem like they have registered them so I wonder if they use new ones…

That’s interesting indeed. The art style with the overall cyan scenery might be inspired by the Tron movies, but I agree, that the other colors should be more saturated even then. And that’s not the only odd thing about the new screenshot. Somehow, the light seems to come from the floor, yet the woman has a shadow on the floor while nothing else has one, not even the pan in her hand.

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Sounds like an easter egg I missed?

I don’t remember them either. I remember some Telltale logos in the scenery. I wonder if they will replace those.

I think that’s a deliberate choice to change the colour palette to reflect the bleak place the internet is.
That or they wanted to tone down on the red light districtiness of the original neon colours.
Anyway, I do like the new one with its crazy lighting better. It gives all characters a certain stylised look. Physics work differently in cyberspace anyway, which explains that shade on the ground.

That’s a possibility.
I have to see the end result but I liked the colouring of the original version: flashy colours, ads, custom spaces. It was a little bit like geocities pages, a lot of GIFs etc…

I reckon that’s WIP, we will see.

I think bleak is a fitting description for this screenshot. Then I looked up ‘bleak’ in urbandictionary just in case there is another meaning I didn’t know of because of your statement that the Internet is a bleak place. I don’t agree with that at all.

On the other hand, I just noticed, that on your latter screenshot, Sam and Max are also lit from the floor. The floor doesn’t seem to glow, though, which it does in the remaster screenshot. And the wood cast a shadow from the light above. Might be a deliberate choice to make it look unreal after all.

Mainly in the first season a couple of “fictional” websites were mentioned in some episodes. TTG registered those domains and mostly put some images up.

I’ve looked them up on IA (they are all from first season):


There was a closed beta for a Linux version of one of their games (the Minecraft one, I think) at some point, but nothing more ever came of it.

I already own this game (digitally and on disc) from when it was new, but I’d buy it again if it gets a Linux version, since I stopped bothering with Windows games a long time ago.

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