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SCUMM Questions for Ron and or Community


If you are an experienced hacker it would be easy to take the German version and replace the few German symbols (= graphics) with the symbols (= graphics) from the US version.


Funnily enough I still remember “biography about Hitler” instead of “Mein Kampf” so they weren´t entirely consistent with restoring the original content.


btw: There were rumors that the German version still contains the Nazi symbols and that you can show them somehow (due to a glitch). AFAIR you had to move the mouse fast or something else. I haven’t checked that with one of the nowadays available SCUMM tools … (Maybe this is a weekend project for someone in this forum? :wink: )


The only handy version of the game I have available at the moment is the one from the 10 Adventures box set. Too bad you have to play the game rather longish before the first Nazi symbols finally appear.


That’s the VGA version? I have that somewhere too. (I just recognized that I have a lot of different Indy versions here: DOS EGA German, DOS VGA German, Gog English Version and the German Amiga version… :thinking:)

You can extract all graphics with one of these ease to use SCUMM tools.


At least it was very close to how I remembered the Amiga version.


The Amiga version was the EGA version (or very similar to the EGA version - I don’t know if they polished some of the graphics).


It is really really long ago since I saw the amiga version. However between playing the amiga and getting the PC version on the 10 Adventures Disc only about 3 or 4 years passed and I don´t remember taking note of any major differences back then.


Indy 3 VGA (256 colors):

Indy 3 EGA:

Indy 3 Amiga (German):

Indy 3 Mac:

/edit: I have found a EGA vs. CGA comparison only in this old German article about Indy 3 (click for a higher resolution):

(Now I would like to replay Indy 3 … :wink: )


Me too, after playing a lot of Wolfenstein the music (and of course the topic, duh!) there reminded me a lot of Indy 3! :slight_smile:


That’s an interesting phenomenon, btw: Even if you know the ending of the LucasFilm/Arts games a lot of players likes to replay them occasionally. Compared to the Sierra games they have a high “replayability”.