Seckrit meaning of the character names?

A Twitter post draws my attention to the names of the main characters of TWP. They seem to hide a secret message or something. For example:

Delores = De Low-res
Ransome = Ran some [program?]

I’m not sure how to read the other names, maybe:
Franklin = Frank line
Ray = [X-]Ray
Reyes = R-eyes or Re yes?

And note that it is not the more common Dolores, but Delores.

What does that mean? Is there a hidden message if you form a sentence with the name? Will the devil arrive if we spell the names backwards?

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The name of the town is the only one that can be associated to something meaningful:



That’s because there is no DoLorean!


I think having the names Ray and Reyes is supposed to be a bit meta. In most fiction you wouldn’t have two really similar character names, to avoid confusion. In TV shows and films there are rarely two people with the same name, unlike in real life. I read it as a bit of a play on that.

Please explain



Director’s Cut Edition:

i_heartimageimagecar park sign

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Thimbleweed Parking? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought more of “One heart digitalis marijuana car park”.

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Isn’t that one located somewhere in Colombia?

The only name I’m aware of definitely having a particular meaning is Doug, because I asked Ron if we could name him that in relation to his love of digging. But who knows! Maybe the rest of the team added secret meanings to the other names!

Thanks for the insight. :slight_smile: The “finding names” process is also part of the creative development process. You chose each name for a reason. For example that the name should point to the digging or that a character is just “the guy” (lying in a “brush” file). So each name has a “story” and I’m interested in this stories. :slight_smile: So again: Thanks for sharing!

After playing TWP with the huge amount of secret and mysterious things I’m sure they did. :wink: