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NO SPOILER TWP Delores Hints for Dummies (like me)

I hate to make this thread, but I am stuck with some picture-taking tasks. Starting this in the hopes of helping people like me who get stuck as well (then again it just might be me lol)

So yeah! This can serve as a giant Delores Hint thread where people can ask for help.

Anyone who makes a spoiler will be eaten by a three-headed monkey lol! Or not.

Thanks guys! :delores:

Without further ado… Can anyone give me a riddle hint as to how I can find the president? -___-

Sometimes people litter.

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Just my 2 cents: I think he’s noteworthy.


Read carefully the notice-board on the Nickel’s wall. There is a clue.
It’s not a clue to directly find the president, but to find the object needed to find the president.


Omg what is this lol if these are toilets and trash bins, it’s not working haha :thinking:

If it’s some writing material then weird, I can’t get a hold of it lol I tried taking a photo of the coroner / sherif tossing a coin, to no luck :thinking:

Ugh I can’t seem to find this object lol :joy: though I read the notice on the wall

Anyway what happens if I get 4/5 and quit the game? Do I do it all over again with different tasks?

You will have to complete all the latest 5 tasks again.

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@Frenzie @Festarossa @ZakPhoenixMcKracken OH… MY GAWD you guys I found it!!! :boom: :boom: :boom: :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed: thanks so much for your help!

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The best part has yet to come! :smiley:

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Which is making me nervous and excited haha :joy: :grimacing: I’m already feeling anxious and a bit uneasy whenever flashes of light occur while I walk as if someone is following me or someone may have been taking photos too? Ugh the suspense is killing me

Forgive me for my obvious question: did you play (and finished) Thimbleweed Park already?

Yep but I just finished the casual one. Haven’t finished hard.

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Read all newspapers and you’ll understand why they happen :wink: at first I didn’t understand, but then you’ll notice that something happens every time. It’s just difficult to notice.

Still it scares the crap out of me :stuck_out_tongue:


I also learned that I really need to wander more–TWP is a vast world until you see a cone. Hahaha


I am having trouble finding anyone doing a dangerous job and would appreciate a gentle nudge. It pains my puzzle purist nature to ask for hints but I’ve gotten to the point of trying every object against every other object, which is not so fun.

I’ve even tried restarting multiple times to see if I can get an assignment wIthout that item in it (I have 10 photos left), but it seems to come up every time. Hmm…

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I don’t really recall that one otoh I’m afraid.

Edit: oh, hold on. Yeah I solved that one in my first playthrough by trying some logical things. :slight_smile: Okay, how to write a hint about that… you have to use a tool to do it.

Well, I can tell you that Dave is making a job, that could become dangerous, if…

Honestly, I expected better of Delores than to screw people around like that.

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So, I already thought that I might need to take a picture of Dave with flames shooting up. But the timing is tricky, and if I miss the flames, then it won’t let me take another picture of him (“I already took a photo of them”), even if Natalie discards the first picture.

Although that doesn’t require another tool per @Frenzie 's comment… :thinking:

Look around the place a bit, maybe also literally.

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