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Seguso's Adventure Game Thread


What…sort of drink would do that? :thinking:


LOL. I got the joke, the morning after. Too bad it is inappropriate for the game :slight_smile:

or isn’t it? Hmm…


Wow: @tasse-tee has already defeated Frank Stallone, found the gold tooth of the Pirate Gaetano O’Connor, is on her way to become a sorceress, almost defeated Van Helsing, and almost found her way into Dracula’s castle. All without using hints.

Meanwhile, @milanfahrnholz is lying on the floor with his guts spilled out.


Come on, Milan! Now is not the time for sleeping! Not when there’s adventures to be had! :smile:
* drags Milan along the ground *


I am up for it!

The earworm thread in which I will be giving you earworms :ear:

Aaaand… Link sent. Don’t let me down!

The earworm thread in which I will be giving you earworms :ear:

mumbles while Katie paints the floor with his blood



(Just in case people are confused why I would do such a thing):


I think this deserves a separate thread where all the feedback can be gathered. Good luck with your game, Seguso!


I haven’t seen the game, but maybe it should have a development blog with weekly podcasts. And after the official release a forum where the fans of the game could talk mostly about non-game related stuff :thinking:


Picture that: a podcast where seguso pontificates even more on puzzle theory, all day long.

“Episode 1: why a good puzzle must not be solvable by decomposition”. Exactly what the world needs right now, i say.


Is it complete, now?
Should I play it?


Ah, my first playtester! Welcome, welcome! It’s not complete… But the first half is, more or less. The part in Dracula’s castle is now complete (5 new puzzles you haven’t seen, but a lot of new dialog).


Hey, that would be me :stuck_out_tongue: but then I deserted, so…

I’ll try again these days, it seems like I’ll have time on my hands.


Oh. Then I can put away this vodoo doll that I made. Good.


That explains the awful health I went through these days.


So I’ve finished playtesting the first part of Seguso’s game! And I have really enjoyed the adventure so far :smile:

There are so many places to explore, and I really felt like I was a part of the game world. You start off with some small goals, but before you know it a whole adventure is unfolding before you. As I progressed, I often returned to locations I’d already visited to encounter new events and things to do, which made me feel even more immersed in the game world.

I was especially entertained by the vast array of characters, many of whom had something witty to say about the actions of the protagonist.

The UI has a very useful feature that lets you rewatch cutscenes linked to certain objects and events. As new puzzles open up, details that seemed insignificant at first will catch your attention and help you work out the solutions. There is also a hint system, which has been designed in such a way that you won’t run into any spoilers, but you will save yourself time if you have run out of ideas.

Overall I would really recommend this game, and I can’t wait for the next chapters to be revealed! :+1:


Dear @tasse-tee, congratulations, you are now an accomplished mage! It’s a nice and weird feeling to have someone play your game and enjoy it. I will definitely continue :slight_smile: What’s more suprising is that I put a lot of thought in the puzzle design, but in the end what really mattered to me is that you said I made you laugh quite a few times. :slight_smile:


so how many hints did you use?
I asked the Faery for help twice and she gave me such a hard time I am not sure the little 6 year old girl in me (Olivia) can take another…


Why do you complain about the insults? There must be some penalty to using the hint system!