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Should we use spoiler tags?

It is clear that this forum is frequented by people who have already finished Thimbleweed Park and, consequently, we more or less assume that spoiler tags are not required. The result is that most discussions are full of spoilers.

But I was thinking about the medium/long-term consequences of this habit, taking into account the fact that this forum will become visible on search engines or social networks and that it will attract people who are outside our little circle of aficionados. They could be exposed to information that they would have preferred not to have.

In Steam forums usually we use spoiler tags when appropriate or we put the word “Spoilers” in the title of the topic. In AdventureGamers forum they do use spoiler tags extensively and in a very diligent way: it seems to me a really nice gesture towards those users who are less informed.

What should we do here that makes sense for the long term? It’s OK for me to go back and add spoiler tags to my previous posts, for example. And then make it a personal rule, that I already follow in other places.

What do you suggest?

Well, we DO have spoiler tags - Darth Vader is Luke’s father!

I’ve already seen people use them, but it’s quite difficult since there are whole topics centered on discussing the ending and the theories, it would be ALL blurred and quite unreadable. Support, Site Feedback and most importantly Hints should be spoiler-free, but the rest of the topics are basically discussing what we just finished playing.

I mean, if you didn’t finish the game why would you enter a section other than Hints and Support?

Yes, I have used them sometimes, but I was wondering what’s the more correct way to use them.

No need for that, in that case I think it’s acceptable to just add “Spoilers” in the title of the topic/page.

I’m not talking about people navigating the forum, I’m talking about people who will come from search engines or social network who land on a specific page of the website.

They have no knowledge of what the rest of the website is, they have no concept of “section”. They just land on a page about, say, the game soundtrack and they accidentally read a reference to a part of the story.

How to write something blurred as spoiler?

Select the text that you want to blur and then use the option “Blur Spoiler” in the menu that appears if you click the gear icon shown in the toolbar above the text area.

You can also write manually the tags:

[spoiler] text here [/spoiler]

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OK, thank you. The secret of monkey island is revealed in the finale of the second chapter

I don’t think we should use spoiler tags when talking about the game.
Maybe it’s a good idea to use them when talking about other adventure games, since there’s people out there who haven’t finished all the Lucas games. For example, I never got into “The Dig” or “Full Throttle”, … eventually I will.

Except in the hints section, which very few people will use, I guess. It makes reading much harder.

In the Dig, everyone dies.

Geez, this spoiler feature increments the personal curiosity!

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Oh… Now I’ll have to wait a few years to forget your comment so I can play it.

I recently used a spoiler tag, but, I still think that if someone reads these comments, he does it at his own risk.

Don’t worry, I was just testing the spoiler feature. You can safely play THE DIG through the end, and admire the beauty of the story ending…

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