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Sierra Mansion Mansion

Need a new house? Look no further, get this nice mansion for just $2.3 million:
A lot of interesting photos!



Even if I would have the money, I wouldn’t buy it because I don’t like the design/architecture. In some of the rooms I would have the feeling to live in an (more or less empty) warehouse …

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You mean the garage? Or that weird lodge with the giant TV? :stuck_out_tongue: If it weren’t for property tax nightmares I doubt I’d mind if there was a wing I rarely visited. I’d probably just turn it into the library though; that empty feeling would be soon gone.

Given that the price is not so high…
C’mon, if you live in New York or Paris you’d get an apartment with two bedrooms for that sum.

Given that, it has quite an high collectable value for weirdos. It’s a huge and luxury home. But it’s worn and old. And I definitely don’t like its style.
If you have 2.3 million in your pocket for a home, you’ll build your own. I bet this is the reason for such a low price.


For example. I don’t like the bedroom too. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in it.

Direct link so I don’t have to go to that article again:

Anyway, which bedroom are we talking about? I’m guessing you mean something about this last one here (with the hideous TV cabinet)?

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They should have included the EGA image of it from Space Quest III in the real estate ad… hehe


Any of those and especially the last one.

I wouldn’t say I like any of them, but the first two just look like very average run of the mill cramped bedrooms to me. The second one could almost be my own if you got rid of the horrible paint & furniture; it’s pretty much just a rectangular space. The third one’s gaudy but at least it’s not cramped, and I kind of like the unfinished garage or barn roof (what you referred to as “warehouse”) aesthetic. I’ve seldom slept as comfortably as in garages, barns and boathouses.

But they are part of the rooms. :wink: If you get rid of the them, paint the walls, etc. then some of the rooms (like the one you mentioned) aren’t that bad. But still then the halls aren’t in the style I like. (I prefer smaller rooms.)

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Let’s just say I probably wouldn’t be paying 2 million for a house if I couldn’t afford to easily spend another 50-100k to (re)furnish a few rooms.

Although I’m sure I could greatly improve the place with a budget of a few thousand tops. :wink: A lick of paint here and there, move in my current furniture and that’s the main living spaces taken care of.

However… I’d probably rather just spend a million to build a more regular sized modern house from scratch. I don’t really need a giant lodge room. Still, that library prospect is very tempting.

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Now I’m curious how the house will look like after your home improvement. :smiley:

And that’s the thing: Why should I alter a house if I can build my own? :slight_smile: Then I could …

… build this one:


I have one of those winding staircases right here and they’re pretty annoying to use compared to boring straight ones.

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I agree. But such a staircase is absolutely necessary in a library. Otherwise it’s only a room with some books. Other necessary interior is a plant, a broken telephone and a sign that the staircase is out of order.


Guarantee Real Estate has a couple of additional pictures of the property:


I don’t like the style at all. Except the Apple logo on basketball court and the sauna.
Mostly I would be worried that opening a door or climbing the stairs could get me killed.

I would buy the Skywalker Ranch if it was available and the price was right.


It’s got that library, anyway.

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I’d fear of dying just because I decided to open a door or exploring a room a bit too much. I’d be costantly saving.


I love it
But maybe loading times between rooms are too long


After playing Phantasmagoria, I wouldn’t buy any house in a 10 mile radius of where Roberta Williams lived!

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