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Site display got weird on my phone


Hi, accesing the forum from my Samsung Galaxy J5 with Android 5.1 from any of its browsers (google chrome and that samsung internet thingy) used to be fine, but then it suddenly changed to look like this and hasn´t changed back since


It is like the screen view of it is way to large for the screen all of a sudden making especially the right side impossible to reach (unless I tilt to the side and then I only see a tiny part of the top anymore).

How did this happen and how can I change it back to normal?



What are you missing on the right side?
You just have to scroll down go get to the ‘Latest’ section.


The place where I can access my notifications for one. Also the options and search function.



It works for me on Chromium and FireFox on Android. The title is displayed in a small font.

On FireFox I can also install my userstyles and use a more compact header.


When I just logged in it worked briefly before it blew up again. Strange…


Hm, try something like this as a quick fix, it should reduce the headline to a much smaller font size:

.d-header #site-text-logo, .extra-info h1 { font-size: 0.5em !important; }
.extra-info-wrapper { display: flex !important; }


Seems like simply selecting the option “mobile view” (which I had never unselected) was enough to solve the problem. :man_facepalming:


That’s what you get for using a J5. Signed, a J5 user :stuck_out_tongue:


TWP Official Forum text seems to be gone on my computer.


On my too.








Maybe the forum´s layout will eventually be replaced by an earlier wireframe version? :scream:


When you try to click reply, you click on Edna instead.