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Incorrect footer?




I’ve just noticed the footer on Discourse says ‘Forms’, when presumably it should say ‘Forums’. Did Ron fill something out wrong? :wink:

Edit: I probably should’ve added a white border to that or something.

I’ll tag @eviltrout although it’s not really urgent.


I’m typing this in one of the official Thimbleweed Park Forms. Naturally. :wink:


No worries, I wish more things could so flawlessly blend in like that picture does into the forum backround.


Said the fan of a game where we have A *BEEPING* MANSION MANSION!


I think @Guga might actually be turning into Ransome. This Italian dubbing is dangerous.


I wondered if this can be fixed purely by using CSS… and yes, it can.

So in the meantime until this is fixed by the site owner you can use this updated style and don’t have to see this mistake ever again :slightly_smiling_face:: (e.g. using browser extension Stylus)


And I say: Make forms great again!




That’s all the fault of these Europeans! Oh. Wait.


Yay, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait until I cosplay him. :ransome:


Guga The Clown sounds like something that could actually exist.


What if the wind changes? :open_mouth:


I would be more concerned about old ladies …


I´m totally lost and for the first time have no ideas what you guys are talking about.


Maybe because there are ladies in the house form forum too… :wink:

If you make a grimace and the wind is changing (= suddenly blowing from a different direction) than this grimace will stay forever. But as we know from TWP, sometimes old ladies could be more dangerous. Especially if they own an occult book shop…


You still have to learn a lot about casual speech it seems…

I´m not sure if I ever heard that expression before. And it even seems to be international…


Yo, bro!

It’s a famous tale that parents tell their children. Even Enid Blyton wrote several stories using this theme.


You learn something new everday…or remember stuff you´ve long forgotten about. :man_shrugging:


Never heard of it.

But my parents did say to me that “your face will stay like that”, no wind involved. I thought it was just the usual “lie” a parent tells to make a child understand that something shouldn’t become a habit. I’ve told it to my daughter too.