Toy Story 4 and Steve Purcell

What they have in common?

Easy: if you have the lucky to watch Toy Story 4 (in english), pay attention to “The Dummies” characters: their voice is Steve Purcell’s!


Is it the left character and are there multiple of those?

Generally I have heard good things about the Toy Story movies.
Are they worth seeing? I have only seen the first one back then.

I haven’t seen the first, but the second and third, and I was positively surprised.

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They aren’t horrible, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them.

All the dummies.

The first three: Yes. :slight_smile:

I could easily believe your comment was a joke, but I’ll assume not. The first three Toy Story films are widely considered to be the most consistently good movie trilogy of all time. I feel if you were interested in films you probably would have already seen them! :slight_smile: (and if you’re not interested in films, you won’t appreciate them).

They’re all equally as good (except the fourth one, which is just a weird and unnecessary coda, but still very well made and beautiful to look at).

Purcell being the voice of the ventriloquist dummies seems perfect. Aren’t there some in his comics? I feel like I’ve seen them.

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I don’t watch a lot of movies and series because it takes so much time.
The last series I have seen completely was Breaking Bad

I don’t know but I remember this ventriloquist puppet in the Devil’s Playhouse:

Charlie Ho-Tep



I have an idea for a new series: Breaking Bread :


This took me some time back then to figure out :slight_smile:


Big deal…

1 was a classic.

2 was better story wise, but had some annoying new characters.

3 was mediocre in comparison.