Solved - TWP in Steam no longer installed - Not exactly right here but

Did anyone see somthing similar?
My laptop runing WIN10 was way to full so I just decided to deinstall some stuff.
I went to apps to start deinstalling stuff from there. Found “A New Begining” but couldn´t deinstall it because I got a “Steam.exe not found” error.

I thought ok maybe I need to deinstall it from within Steam and proceeded deinstalling other stuff.
I found TWP in there too, everything was fine until then.

I started Steam after that to deinstall A New Begining but couldn´t find it in there. Hmmmkay ?
Not even in the not installed games… How did I get it? I still don´t know.

Anyways, then I recognized I just had three games installed in the library and TWP wasn´t with them.

Clicked on it in the games list and got the option to install it but not to play, just like it´s not installed.
Clicked on my desktop shortcut for TWP and got a popup if I want to install it…

I´m confused, I know I never deinstalled it and it still shows up in my apps in Win10.
Now I´m installing it again to see.

To be honest I did not start it for several month. Last time after I bought Ransom unbeeped, which I did not install until now. I stil want to play in the arcade at first which I still did not. I just hadn´t time to play any game at all on my pc for the last few month.

Besides of that, did anybody ever find a steam game no longer installed in steam but kind of still installed on the PC?


Ok download is ready and now it shows the Ransom DLC as installed too…
Game works as it should, with all savegames in there as well.

btw Of Topic: @RonGilbert Will you ever spend it some more saveslots? I guess not but It would be great to have more space there for different playthroughts.

Man I just activated the DLC for the first time now and now I have to start all over again, it´s awesome :slight_smile:

I’ve had some issues with Steam uninstalling games that I “think” is related to the game trying to update and the update failing for some reason. Steam might just delete the game rather then deal with a bad update. That’s just my guess as what was happening.

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on the getting more saveslots, you can try it in this way:


So if you backup your savegames per playthrough or any other way you’d like to organise them - by act, by flashback /start/end/… in separate folders, it should be pretty simple to find back exactly what you want in even 10 years.


Thanks @RonGilbert and thanks @Sushi
That both was very helpful.

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I filled up all 99 saveslots in ScummVM while playing Zak McKracken and I don’t know why they limit it. (Okay, more while playing around with it after finishing the game; I only got up to 60 or so while actually playing.)

Oh well, in 2018 I’m quite happy with saveslots period, even if imo disk space should pretty much be the only limiting factor.

Here’s a video about it:

Yeah, that works in most games. Perhaps easier/better in TWP than in most. :slight_smile:

My previous ramblings about the topic:

that’s only 8 save slots on that book :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, the original Zak had unlimited save games - at least one per disk. So if you bought enough floppies and labelled them…that’s why most of us replayed Zak over and over from the start. I remember having at most 2 or 3 save game disks/slots in use.

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Eh, I’m not limited by anything obvious but indeed I might have to look for a different example than the one I happened to have at hand when I took that picture. :smiley: