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Thimbleweed Park / Steam / Linux does not launch

  • Linux Mint 20
  • Nvidia 440.100 drivers

I don’t know whether the game worked before on my Linux machine.
(I tried it today because while testing Delores, Ron asked whether or not TWP was working).

When I launch the game I crashes (I assume it is crashing) immediately. I don’t see any window… I just press “Play” on Steam, I see the “Cancel” button that replaces the “Play” button, and in less than a second, I see the “Play” button again (meaning that the game crashed).

I tried removing the ~/.local/share/Terrible Toybox/Thimbleweed Park folder. But my Steam client re-populates it with the save data back from April 2017.

I wonder if the newer client has problems parsing data from 2017. Did the format changed?
I don’t have any logs…

What’s the best way to report Linux issues for TWP?

I guess that the save files are platform agnostic, but in case it helps, those savefiles where created in a Mac, and now I’m running it on Linux.

Nothing has change in the save files since launch. Save files should work on any platform.

would you know how to run it from command line ? Perhaps I might be able to find some error.
Also, is FMOD also being used in TWP? If so, then probably it is the same bug that I’m seeing in Dolores.

TWP did not use FMOD.

I seem to recall that being mentioned as a mistake in retrospect, but I couldn’t find anything other than this from the very beginning. Maybe @ZakPhoenixMcKracken can help me. :smiley:

Sound system and basic commands to play sounds - I’m currently just using SDL_MIXER for audio and based on using it in other projects, it seems to do everything I need. I’ve looked at solutions like FMOD, but they are too expensive, even with their “indie” pricing. We’d end up spending over $6000 just to license FMOD for Win/Mac/Linux, I’d rather use that money on actual music. I might drop in a better system down the road, but this gets us started.

@riq Sorry, the topic. If you start Steam from the terminal (just type steam in a terminal emulator) you might be able to see some console output of error messages (if any).

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Nope, I’m sorry I can’t help here.
The magician user is @Nor_Treblig

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Thanks all for the help.

Not sure what did I change in my system, but now the game launches Ok (?).

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You’re welcome :wink: :smiley:

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I’m experiencing the same issue. Haven’t played TWP since June 2018. Back then it launched and ran flawlessly. Now, when I click the Play button on Steam, a few seconds later the game silently shuts down and Steam shows the Play button again. I ran Steam from a terminal window but did not see any output when the game attempted to run. I don’t know if there are logs somewhere that would provide more detail.

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (64-bit)
GNOME 3.36.3
PulseAudio 1:13.99.1-1ubuntu3.8
Nvidia GTX 960 (nvidia-driver-450 proprietary)
Steam 1607372145 (build Dec 7, API v020)

This is a known problem due to something Steam changed. We have a fix. Maybe a few days.

Can you try this executable and tell me if it fixes the issue?

I tried on my machine and it seems to work. I had the same problem after updating Steam, but the new executable runs correctly.

@RonGilbert — With the new executable, I was able to launch the game from Steam just fine. Thanks!

Hopefully this update can be deployed through Steam expeditiously. I also discovered a way to jury-rig the Steam installation to run the game directly from the command line (for anyone who might be hesitant to download a replacement executable from Dropbox).

  1. Go to the game installation folder

cd ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Thimbleweed\ Park

  1. Create a new file steam_appid.txt. The contents of the file should be the App ID for the game (569860).

echo '569860' > steam_appid.txt

  1. Add an environment variable so the game can find the shared library module that’s in the game directory. (Replace [username] with your username.)

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/[username]/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Thimbleweed\ Park

  1. Launch the game. (I put steps 3 and 4 in a batch file, because the environment variable export will go away after the end of the terminal session.)


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