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Someone made videos of ALL the voicemail messages


Purr evil! I still hope it’s some man-eating alien which would be still better than… this.

8642: That´s really nice, sounds like an austrian accent!

Yes, I think so too.


No! Listen to all voice messages or buy the game. :wink:


The next one after 1554 is fitting.


So I start on A, and three of the first four voicemails said to either call them on their mobile phone or to text them.

Wasn’t there a note when setting up your recording that you should make it 1987 appropriate? While there were things like telexes, I don’t think “texting” was even readily available until the 90s (and even then, uncommon). Mobile phones definitely existed in 1987, but again were also extremely uncommon–enough so that hearing it mentioned on the answering machine takes me out of the 1987 feel. :frowning:


That might have been only for the Mansion library books since countless titles in the occult book store are referencing 50 Shades Of Grey.


I’m pretty sure it was for the voicemails and about making them time appropriate. I never looked into contributing a book title, so I wouldn’t have read it there.

Just heard another voicemail that said using the phone was “so 1996.” They give no indication that they are time travelers, so I guess I’ll just have to pretend that they are. So far I think of the random messages I’ve heard, 20% are time inappropriate. Maybe I just happen to be picking the wrong ones to play.

My voicemail is a reference to a red herring from Castlevania II–I even checked that the game was released in 1987 so that it wouldn’t be anachronistic. :confused:


I believe Castlevania 2 was released in 1987 in japan only and came out in the states in late 1988 and in europe in 1990. But that´s a common mistake I know many americans who swear they played the Legend Of Zelda in 1986 when in fact it wasn´t released outside of japan until more than a year later. Most who say that were really young back than so that´s understandable.

Other in-game anachronisms are Sexy Riker´s Beard and a mention of Hoverboards (Back To The Future 2 came out in 1989),


My reference isn’t as an American playing the game. It is as a character from the game. So as long as the game existed, I think it works.


I haven´t listened to it. Has it something to do with laurels? Looking into the death star? “Let´s live here together”? I don´t know there is so much weird stuff in that game. Still much better than it´s reputation IMO, though.


Waaaaaait a minute character from a game set in the 17th century using a phone and you´re worried about anachronisms in relation the game´s release date??!!!:upside_down:


It’s about hitting Deborah Cliff with your head to make a hole :slight_smile:

And yes, haha. I also thought about the period setting of the game Castlevania itself and then thought “you know Anthony, you’re taking the logic a little too deep.”

Meanwhile I’m checking Japanese translations to make sure that it was a similar red herring rather than just a bad translation. Oy.

But I guess overall, things like the hoverboard reference don’t bother me because even if they’re a couple years off, they still feel “of the time.” Same way if something in Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a slight anachronism. It might not be 100% accurate but it fits well enough.

But “shoot me a text” is something that no one was really saying until the 2000s, so it’s an illusion breaker to me.

Or maybe the video game that Thimbleweed Park takes place in wasn’t built until 2017 and all these strange voicemails were a clue…


Maybe this will help you:


Well, in some messages you even hear voices which weren’t born before 2010 :slight_smile:


There is an easy explanation: E. L. James likes to visit occult stores from time to time the get new ideas…


I found a loophole —> 46:43 LOL :slight_smile:


Just for fun, I used the method shown in this link to get the auto-generated captions from the voicemail messages in the “A” video, and then generated a “Word Cloud” of the results, to graphically illustrate the popularity of words within the messages. Not the most productive 15 minutes of my life, but I thought I’d share with you all, anyway :slight_smile:


“please leave message now”

That’s hilarious!


oh yeah. I read that back when I was checking it.

So it was essentially the same red herring in the original Japanese, too. I remember for years that line used to be chalked up to bad translation but it wasn’t. The “Wait for a soul with a red crystal on Deborah Cliff” clue (which was accurate) was from one of those books in a Mansion mansion.

Either way my father and I were stuck at that one forever until someone we knew told us what to actually do.


You mean these two ones: 3103

The one right before is pure chaos :slight_smile: 6868


Yeah, that tornado puzzle has become so iconic that it´s easy to forget how damn cryptic it actually is.