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Someone made videos of ALL the voicemail messages


@ Ron

Is it allowed by the youtube rules to publicize huge audioparts after decompiling a computer game? Think it shouldnt.


Just read the threat about “Lets Play”. So if this may stay on youtube, I demand the voice-box-decompiler ist to be seen in his video, listening to all the calls.


Can anyone translate “Hallo, hier ist die Mailbox von Boris. Leider bin ich gerade nicht zu Hause, da ich hinter schwedischen Gardinen sitze. Bitte melde dich einfach nochmal in 3 Jahren. Ciao”? Google Translate insists Boris is sitting behind Swedish curtains, which seems… odd.

(I was looking up all the Borises to see if there was anything game-related. There isn’t.)


That´s german slang for “behind bars” so he is in prison. He says he can´t pick up the phone because he´s locked up and ask to call again in another 3 years. The Boris name is a coincidence.


Ha! I figured it was something like that.


At 22:00 it’s @David talking (I recalled you told me about the answering machine).
I hear no 60Hz hum, by the way!


That’s because YouTube added a 60Hz filter in their video processing pipeline after they have seen their own YouTube comment sections.

But it was too late. The damage was already done.