Songs without love

Ok, it might be about love a little bit, but c’mon :

I’ll stop now…


Please don’t. :slight_smile:

(But it’s interesting that most of these songs have a “negative vibe”.)

This song is about psyichatrist Willhelm Reich´s Cloudbusting machine. He conducted field tests with what he hoped would be a weather influencing invention together with his son. The song is mostly about how about the experiments brought father and son closer together.

In the music video Donald Sutherland plays Willhelm Reich and Kate Bush plays…his son!

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Queen had some (quite positive) songs: :slight_smile:

Queen - Bicycle Race

Queen - We Are The Champions:


@milanfahrnholz I think we have the same taste in music :wink:

I am a big fan of Peter Hammill. I don’t think he ever wrote a song about love. One of his albums is a lot about a very painful breakup but as usual it’s all about the psychological torture behind it. Here’s a sample:

The song is about how he stares at the statue of St Teresa by Bernini in a Roman church and wonders if her ecstacy is due to divine intervention or to masturbation. Is that a love song?

“Pants, magic pants ♫”

“♪ Junk, magic junk”

/me is gay for that song and/or Bowie <3

and a song with relationship but with hate:


Still, that one is about a relationship.

Yeah, true. @asterothe’s relationship-hate comment made me think of it.

Man, I can think of dozens off the top of my head:

You guys, I think what he is looking for is a song that applies very much to him personally.

Luckily, there is actually a song like that. A song just for you, @someone! :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m searching for songs without any relationships. No “I’m glad, that she’s dead” or something like that.

I know it’s very difficult. :slight_smile: Welcome are songs about the weather, the strong signals tonight, plumbering or something like that.

btw: This reminds me that the German songwriter Reinhard Mey wrote a song about Plumbers. It’s in German but the video is funny even if you don’t understand anything (video NSFW):

(partly with german lyrics!)

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Here’s a song about living in a big city and feeling like you don’t belong:

and a song about escaping from technology and going outside!


Money for nothing is a song about a bunch of workers making comments about musicians while watching MTV clips at lunch break :stuck_out_tongue:


and the chips for free! :fries:
As my younger self would say.


… and some female people… :wink:

Several German people thought that this song (without love, btw) is about a woman called “Agathe Bauer” (“Bauer” is pronounced like “Bower” and thus like “Power”):

Hm… Maybe I should open another thread where we collect “misheard songs/phrases”. :thinking:


For you 80’s synth lovers…

It’s funny to see Robert Palmer before he became so suave.
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